Finished product smell problem


My finished product has no smell. Kinda like minty hay what’s wrong?


Possibly dried at too high of temps or dried too quickly. Possibly hasn’t cured long enough.


Do you think harvesting too late could be factor it also or just the temperature and speed?


Yes, also a possible factor

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How long has it been curing in jars? Did you remove all sugar leaves?
It takes close to a month for my buds to really come around.
Also, use a 3rd party to get an olfactory opinion. You may be desensitized to the scent.


So I’m not desensitized it smells bad. No I don’t remove all sugar leaves am I supposed to? I remove most leaves and leave the super crystallized ones starts smelling this way before I jar it so after it still smells like bad not much better, it smokes better but not smell


When was it cut, how long did it dry, what were temp and humidity of drying location?

Also, when was it placed in jars and how often is it burped?

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It was cut and hung dry for 6 day with fan leaves cut off 60%rh 60-65 degrees f
Burped once a day for 5 min for like 4 days so far

and tried a cola in a brown paper bag after 4 days hang dry

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Gotta burp them for about 2 weeks or better


60% is on higher end of what you’d be looking for to dry in. I would usually dry for 10+ days before getting smaller stems to crack with rh like that.

How are your buds currently, do they seem a little moist? If so, extend your burp time to about 15 minutes and do that twice a day for next 10 days or so.

4 days worth of burping I wouldn’t be too concerned about. But if they’re still kinda damp you’ll want to get rid of some of that moisture.


Just wondering what strain it is ?
Have seen a few posts recently about White Widow not having much or any smell.


One northern lights
One big kush
One chocolate skunk within the last 3 months or so


Was there much smell during flowering ?


Yes. It smelled great during flowering


Not sure why that would be. I recently harvested some GG & that smelled great during flower then once it was dry an smokable it didn’t have much smell. Now after about a month it has a nice smell to it.
Whats it smoke up like ? Any strange taste ?


It tastes better than the last batch but sti not perfect.


Def sounds like you need to cure longer and trim the buds better

As mentioned burping for at least two weeks and you should let the jars breathe 10-15 min at least when you do at least twice a day

And curing min of 4 weeks

You can smoke the bud once dried but it doesn’t reach its potential until it’s cured


If you only hang dry for 6 days then went to jar you need to burp for like 30 minutes to a hour because your buds will remoistin and you don’t want mold. You can always take them out of the jar and set on a screen. Those little black temperature and rh meters are cheap on eBay 10 dollars for 8 or something like that. A good cure is 3 months i know waiting sucks but it is well worth it. Another thing that helps me is to use the vacuum sealer for the lids they are 12 dollars for both a wide mouth and regular size jar on Amazon i seal after i burp. Mine smell of wet grass/hay at first then i get no smell but a light good smell and then at 3 months i open a jar and the whole room reeks. I start by burping in the mourning for 10 or 20min then again when i get home and then vacuum seal them then after 2 weeks i go to burping once a day but if my rh is high in that jar i leave the lid off longer. And work my way to burp 2 a week and vacuum seal them. I Know there’s a million ways to cure but this really works great for me hope this helps you.


I’ve used the vacuum seal
Method as well @ThcinKC it really does work well
Good share


Please send me a link for those vacuum sealers