Finished flush week7 - opinions about the downhill climb 1/2

Hi all - thank you for helping me get here. My MK Ultra just locked-out mid-way through flower and her leaves progressively turned yellow and died. The problem was unwittingly leaving my pot in runoff because it was sagging in the middle. @OGIncognito, @Sizzzl , @HMGRWN, @beachglass to name a few.

Hopefully we return stronger. Here are the values after flush, they vary a little. I was mostly focused on PH since it was so low. I still didn’t take them to 6.5, I felt like I was drowning them…

Left to right in the tent:
MK Ultra: 707ppm/6.2ph (flush started 1330/5.6ph)
Blue Dream: 593ppm/6.4ph (flush started at 1320ppm/4.8-5.0ph)
Gorilla Glue: 370ppm/6.3ph (flush started at 2230ppm/5.8ph)
(Values in parens from runoff pans)

First - how do you think all this turned out
Second: do you think think I did any damage long term?
Third; Should I return to normal feeding?
Fourth: How much longer do you think I have?(closer pics coming in 2/2)
Lastly: What would you do better/differently or just from here?

Thanks so much!!

MK Ultra

Blue Dream

Gorilla Glue


Closer up coming in 2/2!!


Dang, I left out @Gronasbros and @1HappyPappy, where would I be without them🎣

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