Finished flower harsh HELP

Ok so here it’ is even tho it’s hard for me to admit I have 3 differnt strains of finished flower curing I ran 1 NL gas auto dwc and 1 coco 5 gal pot
1 blood lemon x UK cheese x zkittles in dwc and
1 in coco
1 AK 47 in 2 gal pot
I switch them around between a spider sf 2000 and a (1200watt) go green blurple Amazon light

I ran GH flora trio and based my feed off Lucus method with adjustments as necessary
I ran some flower fuel for about 2-3 weeks in each one then stopped because I didn’t like the build up that didn’t dissolve
Tried to keep ph at 5.8
Flushed all of them some for 1 week some for almost 3
I used tap water with a ppm of 180-200
Dwc hit as high as 750 ppm during bloom but averaged 500
Coco I struggled with wasn’t getting my salts flushed out so had minor lock out issues one or twice never had issues with dwc And lockout

So my finished product is harsh to smoke almost burns your throat slowly getting little better but I don’t think it’s going to go away all of them have the same issue a lack of taste and smell the stuff that smells good still has the harsh taste it looks really good covered in crystals none of it is super dense but they are not airy I’d call them full they all stink real good when you smoke them the high is decent some little better mainly the stuff I dried slower has the better smell some of the buds are smoother with no burn at all. But still lack that dank taste

  1. What could cause that harshness
    2 I did order a RO to install this weekend do you think it was the tap water or possibly whatever they are putting in the water now to combat COVID?
    3 most of my auto finished 110-120 days to amber up could it be from a later harvest?

I can give any other details needed if I tried to add it all it would be so much to read I appreciate any help thank you for taking the time to read
Maybe @Not2SureYet! Can give me some advice so frustrating to have close to a lb of stuff that isn’t very enjoyable to smoke

Harsh smoke is more often the result of how it is dried and cured rather than how it was grown. How did you dry and cure your flower?


I have a large cardboard box with holes and I set a fan on the outside to push air thru the box RH 50-55 first 2-3 days then 60-65 RH to finish then jarred for cure burp twice day first week once a day second week cured with boceda pack and Rah monitored I also tried to jar after 5 days and let it finish drying in the jar just burp more often and let it wet out of RH went above 65 not as harsh but still lacking flavor I feel like all my flush did was take away from my look and smell

Putting stuff in your water to combat COVID? That i haven’t heard of. Sounds like you need to cure longer to me.

I don’t know if you do this or not. One way to tell if your plant is flushed well enough is to take a leaf off of the plant and squeeze the juice from the stem into your mouth. If it is bitter then you need to flush more. If it tastes like plain water with no bitterness then the plant is clean.

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What I meant by the COVID shit is my water smells chlorine idk what else they are putting in but it didn’t before

Every once in a while our water smells a bit more of chlorine, was told they regulary do put a tad more in.
Definatly cure for at least two months you won’t believe the difference. I burp mine till 2 months, don’t know if thats right or wrong but it’s what I do.

It’ll mellow with age. You could try vaping it. I’ve just started looking into vaping dry flower. Sounds like the way to go.