Finish the flowering

This is my first grow and my little white hairs are starting to turn colors. What do I do now?

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Now you start watching for the trichomes to turn amber. You want around 20% amber and the rest cloudy depending on how strong you want your meds to be.


what about watering no nutes? just plain correct ph water?

How long has she been in flower?
What strain?
What growing medium is she in?
Which nutes are you using?
Can you post some photos?

I have blueberry and laughing buddha. They have been in flower for about 70 days.
Blueberry going faster. in Roots organics feeding Earth Juice grow , micro blast then bloom juice in Crystal Geyser spring water. With spinosad in water only. spinosad stopped three wks ago. Started with fem seed with fluorescents, then metal halide 250w, then 250w hps
then/now 400w hps. since my hairs are getting darker do i stop watering now or wait?
BTW My plants look awesome.IMG_0446


Thanks Rugar.

Your plant does look awesome!

Hard to tell from that photo, but I think your still a few weeks away still.
You should buy a jewelers loupe with at least 60 to 100x magnification if you don’t have one Then you can keep a eye on the trichomes to get a better feel on when she will be ready.

I not familiar with that line of nutes so not sure if they recommend a flush or not with them.

When your trichomes are about 20% amber and the rest are cloudy, then its time to take her down. So when they get to the point where they are just showing signs of amber, its probably a good time to cut the nutes, because at that point they are a week or two away from being ready.


@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971
One of you has those great pictures of the trichome s in different stages. I don’t remember who. Could we get those posted here?


@Rugar89 Not sure if you heard but I’m guessing not. Sad day in the Garden as bob31 has left his position and has left the forum for personal reasons

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No I didn’t know. That sucks! Hope all is well with him.

Thanks for letting me know.

You need a magnifier to see the trichomes and this is a chart for harvesting part, maybe you will find it helpful :+1:. Also I recommend you to look at the trichomes in at least 3 parts of the plant :wink:! If you see a few trichomes whit amber, you can stop feeding her and give her just plain water :+1:.
And some lecture :joy:


Thank you so much Rugar89. The picture is laughing buddha.

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@Rugar89 that was bob who has left us fir now fir personal reasons
As far as the plant goes looks like you still have a few weeks at min on that i would continue to feed until you see most of the pistols turn brown or red
Checking tricombes is the best way to determine harvest imo as rugar mentioned
I stop feeding about two weeks from projected harvest myself


@happyk some of the top growers have given you good advice. Pretty plants!


Thanks everyone. I will wait and watch. happyk.

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