Finish line were you at

I’m so close I cant stand it and I think I’m going to be in trouble when it comes to lights out out the four plants i have left one of them is a 10 to 12 week one and don’t now what to do with he re e when it is time the rest are 8 to 10 week plants they are pretty orange :tangerine: but my camera sucks

These photos tell you still have plenty of time to bulk up. All pistols should be amber to dark brown. This is when you want a Jeweler Loupe off Amazon and monitor the trichomes. :+1::+1::+1:


I’m aiming for maximum potency does that make a difference on when I harvest


Maximum potency is about 90% cloudy 10% amber but max yield tends to be about 70% cloudy 30% amber due to foxtailing and natural development . I’d give that older one about a week-week an a half till done and the younger 2-2.5 weeks

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Yes it does…:+1:

When you look at trichomes, use this. This is where you can gauge potency a little better. Ignore the bottom graph…

Make sure you look at buds, not sugar leaves.

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All look like they still have some time to go. Light to white colored pistil is a big giveaway. All pistils should be alot darker in color and most will recede back into calyx and be way shorter or the calyx swells around the pistil actually. Keep a good eye on them from here on out. If u need to get one out of tent into a dark area get an old washer or dryer box and set it in the box covered and sealed for darkness for 2 days just make sure it is todal blackout in the box helps pack on tricomes at the end for better product and better taste. Good luck