Finally! Still need help tho

So I finally got something to grow, only problem is that I have it in a miracle grow organic choice soil. Its still in a red solo cup, so it need to be transplanted. I guess my question would be, once I transplant should I keep using the organic miracle gro? Or should I use the other “organic” soil that I couldn’t get anything to grow in? And do I have to use perlite? If so, what ratio for perlite to soil mix is recommended?

First go we used miracle grow which set us up for the eventual failure of that grow. After that we decided to go hydro. One is in coco- peperlite blend the other is a ebb and flow with expanded clay pebbles. The easiest is the coco. But if convinced you need soil the easiest to start with seems to be happy frog if your plant lvest long enough to transplant look at ocean Forrest as well some friends swear by it… I’m sure some soil people will chime in.

If you want to stay in soil, get yourself an organic soil that doesn’t have time release nutrients in it. Big box home improvement stores should have something, if not check greenhouse or hydro shop.

I would start with about 25% perlite.


Was this on another post? I think i responded lol. But I use ffof. Miracle grow is the worst soil ever. Fox farms Happy frog or ocean forest is the way to go.

I would go with a proper cannabis soil like Fox Farm, Roots Organics, or Black Magic. Trying to grow in MG often leads to problems with pH and nute burn.


If your store literally sells nothing else but miracle grow soils then do a peat moss , compost, perlite blend. But I much prefer coco coir with dry amendments and compost

Yea you did. Just wanted to make new thread. How big of a pot should i use for my final transplant? I have pots that are a lil slimmer than a homedepot bucket, and also longer. Also how long can you use the fox farm soil? Does it need to be replaced after every grow?

Those pots sound like their roughly 7 gallons that’s pretty good for photos(a lil to much for autos) fox farm nutes last until roughly mid flower and yes you can reuse it but you will have to recharge it with amendments

I have the fox farm liquid nutes. Will that be enough? Or do I need to add compost to the soil to enrich?

Then you’ll just be using the hydro nutes from roughly start of week 2 on

Thanks. Fingers crossed. This seems to be going well. I just bought the fox farm soil. Lets see

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So is the little bit of miracle gro that my seedlings are in going to do any damage when I transplant into the fox farm soil? Its only about a red solo cup amount of MG.

Not enough to worry about

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Yeah @Getfocsd not enough to worry about. When you transplant the roots will go into the new soil

So 25% perlite mix to soil is ok? For some reason I feel like I read 40%. Just want to double check

You could grow in straight perlite if you wanted, but that would be a much different experience than growing in an organic soil. 25% is enough to keep from running into compaction issues without having severe impact on mechanical properties of soil.

There is plenty of perlite in happy frog. I don’t add additional but if you want to I’d stick with a more conservative amount.