Finally! My 1st Grow Is In The Works ...DWC Hydroponics/Bubbler!

I’ve been awake 24+ hours to get my seeds ready for their incubators…that’s how excited I am!! After a few set-backs, i.e., my dumb arse buying the way wrong light and my tent arriving full of light leaks… which @dbrn32 found the perfect LED light for me…fits my needs and & my budget perfectly & seller of tent sent me a replacement(have pix too)… Now I’m in the grow of things.

While in the waiting process I have been reading Robert Bergmans material day-n-night…priceless information!

I’m using a 36 x 36 x 72 tent, Meizhi 450 Watt LED Reflector series, and, and, growing 2 auto’s; GG4 & WW and am using rockwool/clay pebbles… each will be grown in a 1 gallon Bubbler Bucket using Air Injection Technology in 3" netpots.

But first…The ‘Seeds’. I used the H2O2 method; Seeds in shot glasses with tap water/3% hydrogen peroxide…they dropped to bottom in 15 hours w/ a slight manual push. I soaked the rockwool for 24 hours in Ph adjusted H2o of 5.7…after ‘gently’ shaking excess water, placed seeds ‘point side up’ 1/4 deep. Then into netpots with pebbles on bottom which were placed into tupperware lined with a layer of pebbles & covered with plastic wrap…under a very low watt LED until they pop! It’s 20" above but I feel to lower it to 16" for more warmth.

Hope I did ok because this embryo stage has me pooped out… I’ve babied these seeds :crazy_face: LOL Sorry this is a long one but… I’m So Excited!!


Awesome, best of luck with this one!


@Key2THC Great job, best of luck in your adventure. Happy growing :wink:

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