Finally, it's a girl!


I’m learning so much from everyone on here. I started out with four plants, all from seeds that were given to me. Three of them became monsters (nearly 4’ first week into flower!) and those three turned out to be male.
This is the last and smallest of the bunch. 16 days into 12/12 flower, 33" from medium. Just fed/watered today using IlGM’s flower booster and pH up. Runoff was 6.5
I know she’s kinda twiggy (I named her twist a flex) and probably won’t harvest much, what do you guys think?


It’s all about the learning experience, and you my friend have obviously been learning and taking it all in. Now you know from experience, and many people would tell you as well, most males tend to be tall and lanky. Females tend to be short. AT FIRST! It can all change obviously, and even more so if you’re topping or cropping.
She looks good though, and even if she only gets you a few grams, you’ll still be happy and feel proud of yourself. You should at least! Growing is extremely rewarding, and with every failure or success comes another lesson to learn. Take it all in and just apply it to your next grow!



I FIM’d this one after fifth node while in veg. And you’re right, it is such a great learning experience!
I get on ILGM everyday and see what everyone else is up to, learn what to do and what not to do.
My next grow will be Blue Dream SCROG. Ought to be interesting.


Yea I love this forum and I’m on it 3 times a day haha! I look forward to your thread when you do that Blue Dream SCROG!


I think that’s the most beautiful lady I"ve seen , Cant wait till I see mine , just planted the germed and popped seeds today. hope to see some sprouts in a couple few days. Was only gonna start 7-9 but went for 11, I’m just so happy to be growing again, Its been many years.


Thank you!..and, you’re going for 11 plants at once?!
Are the feminized seeds? If so, I hope you have a large grow space.
This ONE lady takes up all of the 2x2.5 grow tent I have. That’s why my next grow (and 2nd ever) will be one plant using the SCROG (screen of green) method using fem Blue Dream seeds I ordered. I should be able to have a full canopy of flowers filling this tent space, if I do it right.
Good to here your back at it again. My dad used to grow outdoors (good size crops) years ago, no way he could do it now. He would probably be a little jealous seeing I’ve picked up the passion.


Yeah, Ima gonna try 11 for my first grow, they"ll be out doors and a guerilla/commando grow at that !! I"ll; have two that will be almost 5 mi. from my house, two at 4mi. and the last 7at 1mi. This is an experiment in soils in my area. I"ll be hopefully growing two Blueberry and nine White Widows all Fem. Autos. I"ll be doing 3 different grows in Coco soil, potted soil, and direct ground soil with nutrients and I"ll be Fishing along the way!! A combined outdoor grow with my favorite hobby. Its a lot more complicated than that but I’m not gonna get into that yet, just gonna enjoy whatever happens along the way and learn as I go!!!


@FyshhTrap Welcome to ILGM. As you can see the peope here are very friendly and reayto help
If you need some help with anything just ask. OK



Thank you very much for the welcome , this is gonna be kinda complicated but I have a few starter ideas .I"ll be starting a post on an upstate NY outdoor beginners Auto grow very soon, I’m sure I"ll have plenty of questions.

                 FyshhTrap <*)))><{


Your wecome i look forward to your that theard