Finally figured it out!

:sunglasses: I am using these red cups now for seedlings and I can get roots to grow out the bottom in 48 hrs max!!! Sometimes the roots come out the bottom in 24hrs or less!!! With no nutes!!!

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That the shot glasses? I’ve got 200 waiting to be filled. :wink:

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Well yeah so maybe I dont have it figured out :grin:


I love those - I don’t use em that way but they’re great for calibrating ph pen or cleaning scissors when trimming with hot alcohol. Gotta keep a pack on deck at all times. I’ll try germinating in the next time for shits and giggles

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I only have 4 of them so I never really used one. I just thought it was funny. I imagine though it would be like using a peat pellet if it was filled with coir.

best to use clear cups to monitor root progress.