Finally 1st grow started!

Damn sorry about the ER visit that cat got the best of u lol.

My house i cant have nothing. Kids hide my stuff still missing my galaxy watch for 4 5 months. My dog hides the remote controllers n my crocs every day i sewer lol… i loose my phone every day leaving it on vibtate

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Only long enough to get lab results & ask me if I had thoughts or plans to harm myself. My Parish is well known for law enforcement. I don’t mind because we have little crime & no pot holes that are big enough to eat your car. Apparently someone said they were afraid I’d hurt myself & they took that as self harm. The only self harm I do is picking my klutzy ass up off the ground since I’m obviously vertically challenged :joy:

@Mhcnola Sounds like you got ‘swatted’….