Final weight totals

My 5 ice og grown in 35 gallon fabric pots with ffhf
Got me little over 26oz/1.65 lbs. Plus about 6 gallon size baggies full of popcorn nugs and trim haven’t weighed yet. Going to make bubble hash. For my first grow not to bad. Because a lot of u I have learned a lot for next season.


Well done mate just finished my 1st indoor grow with 4 autos and got about 11 oz total not to shabby for a single 3x3 closet feel free to tag me if you start a journal next time


Nice haul there buddy well done. They must’ve been like trees :sunglasses:


Good deal !

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Great job especially for your first grow!! You’re going to hold out on us and not share any pics?!? Not cool man not cool :joy:

That’s a massive pot. I top out at 25 G and 90% I stay at 10G. You can probably get more by scrogging with chicken wire and training a bit. I usually get 16-20 per 4x4 indoors so I know you can up that with the pots you’re in and more practice.

I got 4oz per plant my first grow so you’re killing it. Can’t say enough how well you did your first grow. You should be very proud of yourself. For your bubble hash check this out - might be worth the investment

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