Final weight in good but not that good

Well guys that white widow auto was a bit disappointing the buds turned out airy but very sticky i got 7oz of good bud and i got 2ozs of popcorn bud and sugar leaves am i happy yes and no i think next time i will water until the bloody the leaves to go full yellow ,but really this was my first run on organics aswell so i cant be so hard on my self


That is a pretty good haul, almost double my best single plant harvest.
Those buds should firm up after the cure. I am pleasantly surprised at how much some of mine firmed up.


That’s a dime fine haul. Congratulations!


What would you say the main culprit of airy bud masses are?

Light or energy wasted on popcorns?

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Agreed with watering, I have always gone with the train of thought “why would we take such a vital element from our plants during the most important cycle??”

I feed and water until I pull the tap root

Remember tho, nothing super funky like a cup of banana sugar compost tea right before harvest tho :rofl:

They’ll need 3-4 days from those types of feedings to pass thru the plant unless you like smoking banana buds of course


Light, hands down. IMHO


Bro. That’s a helluva haul. Congrats!

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Think @Aussie_autos rocks the viperaspectra lights

Very true!

I cure mine in 5 gall brown paper bags that sit inside 5 gal buckets and it helps a ton to condense those buds into rocks!

Now I know the paper definitely pulls moisture out of them, but it also helps retain flavor profile the plastic would strip away.

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Well i beat my last grow i got 5.5 ozs last time


Yah and high temps which i had a problem with my temp was around 30-31 Celcius i tried everything to keep the heat down im goin back to my bigger tent

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No tent just dedicate a room

I have a 300 watt quantum board LED grow light which as samsung leds

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Heat is such a pain! You going into hotter months now or cooling off?

I do my best to get a few harvest in before it gets too hot here as well, that and I am lucky enough to have grow below ground

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I do have se UVA grow lights coming that im goin to use for flowering stage and im goin to add another led grow light aswell then i will have 450 watts in total


Sounds hott

Remember if you plan to expand the wattage used know the ppfd at the canopy of plants, they will not use more than 1000 ppfd, over 1000 without supplementing other resources the thc will degrade

Also know it will create more heat and need to factor in cooling


Yah very hot its summer over here and we have temps of 35-40 degrees Celsius

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So we could technically cook breakfast on an iron skillet and a rock?

Is that dry weight?