Final weeks of flower problems

Everbody’s plants will do that. Mine are smelling up the back yard as you and I type…lol

look at it this way…regular flowers when in bloom they smell pretty,
when they come to the end they don’t

Same thing thing with marijuana and that pretty much sums it up


I decided to flush as soon as i saw a few ambers. I guess the scare of havesting too late and ending up with sleepin pills :confused:… but like you said live and learn… and i definately learned a lot on this first grow :smile:

That makes completely sense… big relief !!

Thanks Guys! really appreciate the help :grinning:


Didn’t you guys practice low temps drying and curing? Some say it keeps terpenes from evaporating and improves the strength of buds.

The smells evaporate and burn off during time as the lights come on. Thats why most plants outside, and especially inside, smell the best first thing in the morning befor lights on or shortly after they come on. Also most people water first thing, as do I, so I usually get the best smells qatering as I need to be closer tk the buds and the smells are i sane ;)but in a great way! That exactly why most harvest their crops soon as the dark cycle is over regardless of how long u choose to go for darkness the last night befor chopping…but remember u need to keel in mine as that fi al week is basically more darkness than light for sure…and thats when the buds and tricombs start to and more so develope the best :ok_hand:…i always final flush, then dark period for 48 to 72 hours depending on strain and size, then wet trim and chopp while still somewhat almost dark as I allready trimmed most of the smallest, and most of the no sugar leaves close to, inside and over smaller bud sites after the flush. Thats done all flowering little by lkttle actually. But anyways, then after I chop it, I hang the nicley trimmed plant upside down; in the same room I had the plant in for 60 hours or so after I flushed and into the start of its darn cycle that night; and this will further help start your drying faster, and the tricombs also, and more resin, …dont rush your drying or cure process as u work so hard all crop long, so why not make it the best quality u can and do things the proper way…any other questions, feel free to ask …us sashes sre all friends :wink: :palm_tree::leaves::seedling::+1: