Final stages coming

When should I do my flush they have about 2 more weeks left , this was my first ever plant so I probably didn’t get the full potential but she’s better than nothing.


I started flushing mine at the 2 week mark. And your first crop was better than mine I think. You get better and better the more crops you grow. I just got 6.57oz dry and it was my 5th crop if I remember correctly.

My Cola came in at 2.79oz out of the overall 6.57oz. This Cola was 19 inches tall.

I love a big Cola but I now know what I need to do.


@MrPeat Okay cool I should probably start flushing real soon then ! That’s a nice looking cola u got their to . Thank you for the tip and that picture I hope to one day get their !

@Growstarter98 You’re welcome…glad I could help.

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You probably have a bit longer then 2. Looks like she’s still churning. I dont even start trich checking until half my pistils have oranged and receded. Youve come a long way. Dont shortchange urself now!


@PurpNGold74 yessir I’ll wait longer than all good

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