Fimming autoflower

Ok just saw a bit about fimming i think it’s called. Could one do this to auto ?

I would not recommend it, but it can be done. If your timing is spot-on, you’ll be in for a treat. If it’s not, you might stunt your plant.


@Shaungray7 yes you can. FIM and topping can be done but you have to wait until you have 4 or 5 leaf nodes. Topping is a bit more invasive, I would recommend FIMing. Both stress plant out so make sure you don’t have other growth issues.

I FIMed and LSTed my outdoor White Widow Autos. I have a journal if you wanna see pics, I was VERY pleased with the results.

I’m a noob. What’s fiming?

Is like topping but seems to be better

FIM was actually a botched topping attempt. That’s why it is Fuck I Missed or FIMed. Instead of pinching entire node off, with FIM you only pinch half the node off.

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Thank you kindly

When is best to do it do you think. I’m a bit of a chicken bout the whole thing lol

When you have 4 or 5 leaf nodes, only if you have strong plants since it will stun them a bit.


Sometimes it’s better to wait till things are different.

Meaning a regular photo will be best for topping or FIM. They will have time and energy to heal and thrive. An auto is on a fast track schedule…and if not done right, will not recover and thrive in the short grow time frame auto’s have.

BUT…we all learn new things by trying. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.


Fimming is a high stress training technique and is similar to topping because you are breaking the apical dominance of the main cola to create more tops on your plant. When you top you create 2 colas instead of one and when you fim, and do it correctly, you can end up with 3-4 colas. :v:


Im fimming for first time ever today actually. On a sour diesel auto. Perfect pic to show what’s up!

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