Fimm and outdoor Scrog?

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I have two Maui Wowie seedlings, one is in the ground and will grow straight and tall, unmolested. The other I want to put in one of my veggie cages and do a scrog. Here’s the cage:

And here’s the seedling in question:

So I am going to do a scrog in that cage, but to get the seedling started, I am wondering if fimming or regular topping (pinch out the whole top shoot) would be better for getting good lateral growth. Here’s the top I want to adjust. That top is the fifth node btw.:

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@ezwicky, I was thinking for my outdoor girls, I’d want a bit longer of a trunk, so I’m waiting to top them until they get around a foot tall. I’ve noticed in the veggie garden, every time it rains, I can get a lot of dirt splashing up into the leaves and I want to avoid that. Maybe it won’t be as much of a problem being in a container though.

I think fimming vs topping is more of a personal preference than anything else. The plant will bush out after you do either, and you’ll have plenty of time to shape and prune it afterwards. Select more lateral growing branches if that’s what you want.

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@NUG61 oh oh , might get to see the maui grow outside in the sun :sun_with_face:? Might be good :+1:, its ready to transplant if thats what you asking ? Can i get a tagged to watch this grow ?


@yoshi … go to the bottom of the thread and change from normal to watching and you will be motified when he makes a post.


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