Fiming do's & dont's

Hi everyone. Am doing my first attempt to fim the plant tonight it’s about 3 and a half weeks old with 3 /4 nodes and was wondering if anyone has any do’s and dont’s any advice welcomed. Many thanks

You can start a light feeding 1/4 strength. Also you can go whit “feed water water” to nut burn her :wink:

I’m no expert all I can do is pass along info I have gathered and everyone says don’t top or fim until they have 4 to 5 nodes if I’m wrong someone please correct @Hogmaster I’m sure he can give you the info you need

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Okay thanks il leave it for a bit then gave it ago . thanks

I fim at the 5 node (true leaves) and they did fine. Get them into their forever pot first and wait for them to stabilize 1-2 weeks. You can FIM or top every other new growth more or less, but it’s all good. I fimmed both of my photoperiods twice and I’d do more if needed!


Welcome to the ILGM forum! Lots of good folks willing to help out!

Have you checked out the grower guides? Good info there, Beginner guide, Sprout Grow and Transplant @Buddy2