FIM'ing Cannabis

I have spoke to this topic many times on countless posts, so I think it’s time to concentrate that information into one linkable post.

FIM’ing is a medium high stress pruning method to increase yeilds and allow of a more even canopy. While topping a plant will result in two main colas a fully successful FIM will result in four colas! This works equally as well on autoflowers as it does on photoperiods.
I personally suggest FIM’ing at the 4th/5th node.
After your FIM is complete no other training is required, but by all means continue to use other methods once your plant has had a handful of days to recover.

Pictures are worth a thousand words they say so

A little bit more detail

Here is a little video I made.
Minor note, in the video I state “Cut 80% of the stems” but what I meant to say is “cut 80% of the leaf material” as the diagrams above and my actions in the video show. This will eventually be updated so my apologies in advance.

Here is another video for clarification

There are countless write-ups so I will leave this here

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