FIMed right (5th node / 17 d.o.)?

Hi guyz!

  1. Can you please inform whether I FIMed her right?
  2. And what should I do with these leavings (20% left)?

The leaves are getting bigger but i still see nothing changing from the top. Thanks in advance! :green_heart:

Girl data:

  • 2 days after FIM
  • 19 days old (should be Auto but not sure)
  • 11 L pot (with air injection holes all around)
  • grown in soil (highmoor/lowmoor peat, dolomitic meal, +drainage, +20%perlite, +15% river sand, +wood ash, +eggshell powder)
  • 2 LED bulbs 18/6: 10W phyto (with full light spectrum + red + blue respectively) and 17W 6500K
  • Light hight: about 1 foot (~25 cm)
  • Fresh Air from window + fan, so the climate is usually 20-25 deg.C and 50-80 % of humidity
  • watering not to often (~once a day)
  • fertilizers: none






Looks like you got a successful FIM there. Those leaves will grow out to be new colas.

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Have seen repeated statements that trimming, topping on Auto’s is not a good thing.

They are delicate and such a short life cycle is best left alone.

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Yeah, seems so.

I dont have any personal experience, but this plant shows regeneration very well (even after the transplantation it grew well the next 2 days until full recovery), so I wanna try to give it some kind of min. desirable design.

I think I shall extend the Veg. period by using the veg. nuts in early flower stage to make it grow a bit more and then switch. Btw, now I dont use anything but water and proper soil.


no need to delete these cut leaves left after fim?
what should I do with them later?

Just let them grow

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This will be interesting. Good luck

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hmmm old post…
looks like you missed on the cut and it went back to square one? (1 main)?
anyhow, how did it go?

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Yo, dude :open_hands:t3:
Rather strange case I’ve got there…

It got 1 main Cola. I don’t get whether I fimmed it right, the only thing i received - it started to grow fast producing new sprouts from 1st to the 5th node. I was very much pleased by the results btw.
It was also Topped about 10 days ago and got 2 mains and the sprouts all way long from the bottom are fat as shit with lower sticks more than 4 nodes each and upper up to 3 nodes.

Now it’s 35 days from sprout:

  • main stem is “> 7mm” at bottom
  • “> 40cm” high, “37cm” width at bottom and bushy
  • fimmed once above 3rd node
  • topped once when above 8th node
  • now more 9 nodes growing big and healthy
  • traing and lollypopping (">15" fan leaves cut and smoked - they are tuff) her from fim
  • still NO Pistils!!! WTF? :grimacing::blush:

It’s on 18/6 light, but I was told it’s an Auto seed. Maybe wrong info…
Here is some data on plant, but with no fresh photos for the last 5 days, post later:

I would say let her be, you would be better doing LST then topping and fiming a bunch of times wich is kind of a hard stress especially for autos that cant be slowed down! Let her grow man :slight_smile:

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