FIM pinch technique

1st grow, things going okay so far. I have one Golden Leaf I want to FIM as soon as possible. I’m growing indoors for 40ish days and then setting her outside to flower (on Day 9 now). I watched a video where they topped early on the 3rd node, and understand the technique for cutting with top or FIM. But since I’m on a tight schedule to get her outside by 1st week in August for flower, I think the “pinch” technique would be better.

I guess my question is if this sounds right, and any tips or tricks for the pinch. I’ve only found one video on pinching and it wasn’t very clear. Okay, so 2 more quick questions:

  1. Is 3 nodes too early, or should I wait for the 4th or 5th node? (remember, tight schedule)

  2. How hard to pinch? Should I hear some snapping inside? Pinch the whole top, or just the top 80%, like a FIM cut?

I’ve topped right after the first double node, although normally it’s good practice to wait till at least the second double node. Don’t over think it.

Just enough to do damage. It’s best to super crop before the woody fibers form, in younger growth. How much you work it depends on your goals. My goals are to maintain an even canopy of vegetation.


Don’t do it to early give the plant time to grow like 6 to 8. Then you’ll be all set never be in a rush.


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Thanks! I just want to ease into HST, this is my first chance at it, all my other plants this grow are autos. Plan on doing some LST with them.