Fim or top? i fim.. chron widow and cali dream

I was really debating on fimmimg or topping…the ladies have plenty of room to mature so i fimmed 7 nodes up! In my experience and knowledge i believe fimming gets you.more yield and less stress to recover on plants!! Tell me what u think here is some photos. I fimmed less than 15 min ago and they are already recovering. Look at the cut and the darkening on it already!!! Im excited!!!

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Fimmimg or topping alone isn’t going to determine your harvest weight. More tops you have the smaller they typically are if everything else is equal. You can train an unmolested plant to look like its been topped or filmed multiple times and have very little to no recovery time. There’s just so many other factors that will determine your harvest weights to say one will do better than the other or either is the best way.

I think as long as you’re content and comfortable with what you’re doing that it may be the best way for you. But someone else may feel completely different.


Absolutely agree with you!! Thats y i say with my knowledge and my experience it gets me more yield for me! I can also just bend the top down and no molestation at all! I like to manipulate the auxins thats y i fim and low stress! What dont kill em makes em stronger! No pain no gain! Thank you for you input i agree w you! There are so many ways to grow! I have lots of room so i can go out2 feet each plant and up 10 feet! Ill keep updates on the fimming and nugg size!