Filtering very dark oil

I have just completed extracting sativa oil.It came out very dark, I would like to lighten it .Is there a good way to do this?
It was correctly harvested and dried,I did not overheat it,I used a MB machine.set at 160 F for four hours…It just came out very dark and I am using it for medical resale in glass jars,and it is unsightly in my opinion… Majiktoker,Hammer,Growing onthe equater,Jim

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@AnneBonny,Thank you senorita !

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Your’re welcome.

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You can maybe add a slight ratio of water to it to maybe lighten the color, but before doing that how dark were the plants as it could have naturally been from them if using when still fresh

Nope,I’m guessing now, but they were at least 6 months old,well dried and decarbed…I think you are on the right track though…As you well know every plant is different, and This one was the big sativa that spilt on me several times…I tried my ole test with it,one puff ,a count of four,exhale…It did not seem as strong…But when I use it on my body,the pain goes away very quickly,but the effects are only for three hours,I’ll write you a note Toker…JD

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Hmm kinda curious, slight water drops in it may lighten it up some more my friend and its good to hear from you, have you been cloning that same plant, as I do recall you’ve had it quite some time now.

Hope all is well on your behalf

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That plant was difficult to clone,and all the clones are harvested…The best way I found to clone it was to take a low branch scrape it and bury the scraped part…and that did not always take either…
I called my old housekeeper and she agreed to bring me some plants,The wild stuff here seem to work best,
But at this moment I have ony two young plants started,And I have to wait to check the sex…And the odds are against me 60/40 males…

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