Filter set up and smell control


I’m about to purchase and set up my duct work, inclined fan and filter. My thought was i could just keep filter in basement and not vent to outside and the filter would eliminate the odor. As I look closer to the diagram, it sends to sow the cooker outside. Will the filter dominate the odor from the tent?


My setup is similar to the one on the right, except that the entire thing is inside my basement. I can tell you that I have a very large, top of the line six inch filter and it still emits a lot of odor when in full bloom!


Ive yet to get fan and filter but the picture on the left looks to be the correct way to do it since the air inside the tent is pulled through the filter and pushed outside tent . I plan on getting one soon i hope some of the grow masters will chime in . Im in the same boat with the smell and i didn’t want to bother buying the whole filter and stuff if its not going to work


I have mine set up where I have filter outside of tent and force exhaust through filter and I have no smell unless I open my box. @3high5you how old is your filter I know they break down over time and environment, level of humidity all play a roll in life of filter


The filter is seven months old. Only used for the flowering period of one and a half grows. Even brand new it did not completely take care of the scent.


@Rev ive tried both ways i prefer the filter inside so that the ducting never has positive pressure . If the filter is outside of the tent u risk getting ducting blow outs or odor leaking through tiny pin holes it can be done but you would want top quality ducting. An easy way to chech ur ducring is to stretch it out and look inside while uve got a bright light on close by ul see tiny light spots shining through the pin holes.hope this helps


What kind of filter did you get if you don’t mind sharing? I’m looking at a 12inch Australian carbon one. But it’s not that expensive in my opinion


I’m planning on buying high end ducting, the thicker kind that looks insulated


I truthfully do not want filter on inside because I do not want to take up space.


My filter connects directly to my exhaust which is in a sealed port designed for that peice mounted outide the box I have absolutly no ducting in my exhaust