Figuring out correct wattage

I have a 4x4x6 grow tent and want to increase my yield after my first grow. I had two 600w Elaine LED lights but the actual wattage was 130 for each lights(260 for both). I want to upgrade my lighting but at a reasonable cost. I was looking at the Philzon Cree Cob series. Should I use 1 philzon 2000w light, or 2 1000w light. Actual wattage on 2000w is 400w, and 2 1000w would total 500w. I’m also looking to scrog with this grow. Thanks in advance for the help.

In an LED grow you want around 40 to 50 watts per sq ft. And that’s true watts

Edit…in a 4x4 tent you want around 600 watts for optimal conditions

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Really want to increase your yield? Buy better lights than that. Neither of your options will sufficiently light a 4x4 for max yield potential. Look into a couple HLG 260 XL.


If money is an issue and you are not in a hot climate look at MH/HPS: a couple of 400’s would do the job just fine.

I’m an LED grower but the good ones are not cheap.


Money is a little bit of an issue. I’d rather keep it around $400. I’m open to all light suggestions for a 4x4 grow tent. Just want one that does it all(works for veg and bloom cycles).

you’ve got me sold on the hlg 260w. But what is the difference between the QB and the XL? Thanks in advance.

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QB just stands for Quantum Board. They are all QB lights. XL stands for Extra Long. It’s the size you want for a 4x4 tent. You will need 2 of them.

You can get a 600 watt HID light with a digital dimmable ballast and an air-cooled reflector for $230 at growershouse. They also have a 10% off sale going on right now.

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Thanks for all the input guys. I ended up going with 2 HLG 260XL’s. I’ll keep you updated!


Wise choice…I run two of these in my 4x4 jungle tent. :+1:

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Now you got great lights! No excuse now for not pulling a couple pounds at harvest.


You’ll really really be happy with those beaming stars hanging…great choice…