Fighting bugs with captain jack's dead this more signs?

Nah but you should be bragging. :wink: they’re monsters, my friend. Doing stellar.

They shouldn’t. As long as you’re treating the pests as you start to se them, there’s no concern there at all and it sounds like you’ve been diligent about treating The girls in front do just look like they want a little more food - I’m no expert but I think that’s independent of the pests.

Not at all. Just pointing out the great grow. Didn’t mean to make you worried!

As a total aside, even if pests made it onto the flowering ladies, Captain Jack’s is safe to use during flower. If you had to spray the flowers, you’d be fine but I’d be sure to do a bud wash if you sprayed em close to harvest time.

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Whew…wow, thanks much. We started with 5 regular seeds and one by one they went male when it came to just two left we dropped some auto seeds to be safe and just as luck would have it the last two are girls! Yea but now I have these autos…the regular plants went to 12/12 and I decided to set the autos outside when the light went out in the tent…huge mistake…that’s where I got the bugs. We’ve several times thought about sacrificing the autos but I can’t…especially when I see the buds on those little things!!
Thanks for all your help and comments they are really appreciated!

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Current status…I should’ve taken a picture but I’ve sprayed with captain jack’s…2 oz to half gallon …for three days now…before I sprayed I still found the same bugs I posted earlier…if they are there again tomorrow I will take pictures and I’m not sure this plant us going to make it…it is still the only one showing bugs…only one with yellow leaves!