Fibromyalgia Strain recommendations

I am looking for some recommendations for my wife who suffers badly with pain daily from fibromyalgia. She smokes weed, but it is usually an Indica because of her anxiety as well. She doesn’t like feeling that heavy all day. What strains would any one recommend for pain management during the day without heavy anxiety saliva effects?


i am waiting for this! my sister in law has fibro too

I researched some strains…I picked up an eight of Blue Dream. This seems to work pretty well. Doesn’t cause anxiety, but it doesn’t couch lock either. I’m hopeful that maybe I found a strain worth growing for this purpose.

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I grow for my wife, a long time fybro sufferer.
The #1 issue we started out trying to address was sleep. If you dont sleep then the pain wont go away.
Thats why the first med they try when you tell your doctor is a mild sleep med. For some its a low dose depression med because in low doses it helps you sleep. But you probably know this…
So we tried several strains so far…
Northern Lights seems to work best for edibles to give a full nights sleep.
In the vape we have landed on Granddaddy Purple. It really wants you to go to sleep.
So she eats her medicated cookies around 8pm, Vapes a couple times around 10 pm or so and usually gets a good night of sleep. She has been able to cut back on her pain meds by at least 25% so far. Anxiety levels are much much better, and she feels like getting out in the yard to do some work with her plants now. If she needs something during the day she will just eat a cookie and that seems to help. We have tried a few other strains and will continue to experiment. So far this works best…for us.


I do gave gummies and Indica for night time which seems to work. What are you using for daytime. Indica just makes her feel heavy all day. We are trying Blue Dream this weekend. Definitely more uplifting. Thoughts on day time? My wife has it pretty bad. I make balms for her as well. She is not currently or ever had been on any other meds.


Amnesia haze is a good daytime strain.
Clear headed but short lived.

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Hi , I too have FM , anxiety , etc , etc , and sleep is limited to 3/ 5 hrsa day . I usually just keep going till i drop from exhaustion, I take too many pain meds and need to get kidney and liver tests every 6 months , My question is how does grand daddy Purple effect your wifes moods , as I am constantly on edge , (20+ yrs of pain) and have developed depression , just for fun LOL .

Hi there, sorry to here about FM…I know through my wife that it is no joke. She does not and has not taken any pain meds for it for the same reasons you mentioned. Granddaddy Purple and Northern lights is what I grow for her in addition to Charlotte’s Web CBD. I make pain bomb from 50/50 THC and CBD that helps a lot as well. She also has depression and anxiety. Her mood is greatly improved as she gets good sleep and pain relief from this amazing medicine. Stick with indica for the anxiety part. I hope this helps.

Hi , thanks for the quick reply and the info , I’ve never grown anything before so I just want to get the right strains before I give it a go , What do you mean by a pain bomb ? Once again thank you very much .

Topical rub for her joints and feet. I started growing because I could never find the same strains. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Ok , Will do , cheers

Hey there,
Just logged in for today.
The GDP is very sedative when vaped. We have not tried edibles with it yet as I only had one small plant to start with. I am about 3 weeks from harvesting 5 GDP plants and will update you on its effect.
Northern lights works well for sleep for my wife. It was the first one we grew and tried and its been the best for sleep so far. That said it might be a good place to start with NL or GDP. Both are Indica dominant and should be very relaxing.

Thanks , that should get me started with as far as strains go , now I need to sort out the indoors / outdoors problem as I live in a small ( minded ) country town where everyone knows your business and it’s gonna be a dangerous thing but I am desperate so , I have to try something .

You got this I recomend indoors with a tent or closet and if your afraid of smell use a carbon filter system , if you don’t already have one start an outdoor flower garden so you have an excuse for gardening supplies

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Thanks for the advice , I’m already a bit paranoid so I’m leaning that way in my thoughts , but we are thinking of moving so there’s another spanner in the works , but hey it’s all first world problems .

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I have had fibromyalgia for the past 8 years and medical marijuana has been my saving grace, I love plenty of strains but these three are on top:

  • Northern Lights
  • Purple Kush
  • Charlotte’s Web