Ffof how to amend before using

So I’ve started my third grow seeds. I will be using ffof. I know that I should mix 30% perlite for drainage and moisture control. Is there any other amendments that I should at to this mix before I transplant my seedlings into this medium. Thanks


Layer some mykos (mycorrhizae fungus) in your soil when you transplant. Mykos works with your plant’s root system to improve nutrient availability. I layer it in my pots when I do. I use about a cup of it evenly distributed in a 10-gal pot.


Nothing needed for the FFOF until weeks 4-6. Start checking your run off numbers around week 4 and shoot to maintain 1000 PPMs and a PH of 6.5 :love_you_gesture: forgot the Mykos @MidwestGuy mentioned, I use the TPS billions. Definitely a plus for transplanting


Ok so with ffof only need to add 30% perilite and mycos and that’s it.

When I used FFOF I always liked to do a slurry test. This way I knew the base ph and ppm numbers.

JUST what I was going to suggest (you beat me again haha!)

A lot of growers have reported low PH numbers with OF. If you find your mix is low you can add dolomitic lime (1/4 cup or so) as a PH buffer which will bring it up into range: 6.3 to 6.8 PH.