FFOF, bug problem

Hey first time grower here. I have FFOF soil and just noticed (14 days in) that there were these little bugs crawling around at the top of the soil. So I went and checked the bag of soil and noticed they were in their also. Any idea what these bugs are called? Should I throw the bag out and get new soil?

Should I just use DE to get rid of them? My plants are still in solo cups so I’m thinking that will be the easiest/quickest way to kill them?

Welcome to ILGM! Yes DE will work and not hurt anything

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If they are fungus gnats I use BTi
Please do a search on the site for Fungus gnats and solutions.
If they are fungus gnats they will eat the growth on the top of the soil if you don’t let it dry out… the greenish stuff grows …and they lay eggs and larvae develop so try and manage your watering.
If you are able water them lightly on top and if fabric pots water the saucer at bottom and let it wick up from there into the soil and this helps keep the top of soil dryer to minimize fungus/ bacterial growth.
As jbum mentioned DE will work but not when wet. It can also form a crust on the top of the soil and when I’ve applied it I will work the soil top inch or 2 to break up the crust. DE also brings some good things into your soil and I mix that stuff (usually granular form not the powder) into my soil mix. Look up floor dry product sold for oil spills like in your garage it is just granular DE.

You’ll want to identify what the bug is so you can better deal with them.
I wouldn’t toss the soil…I’ll take it…lol
BTi works great

Each time I plant or pot up I will top dress the granules and water will activate the critters in the BTi and they eat the fungus larvae with no harm to your plants or other beneficial critters in the soil

Hope this helps and HAGD


Unfortunately fox farms soils have small holes in the bags. I’m not sure of the purpose, perhaps it’s to let the soil breath. Regardless, sometimes pests will set up shop in the soil through the holes.

BTi is excellent for fungus gnats.
If the pests are something else there’s usually an easily found solution to get rid of them. Pics will help the community identify what they are. Don’t toss the soil.

I don’t know if this picture helps because they are so small.

Thank you! I posted two pictures. Hopefully you can identify them for me?

Sorry but way too small for me to tell what they are.
Do they have wings or just legs?
Make sure you keep an eye on the leaves and any random spots on them like bugs are chewing on them. Look on the underside of leaves if showing spots like that for them and any poop … black spots…

They’re good guys. Predatory mites.

thats what I see! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

To the OP just be vigilant in keeping an eye out for other pests as if there are predators there what are they eating?
Also some predatory mites if they run out of food can start going vegan per what I’ve read anyway.

Good luck with the grow

Both good points!

Alright sorry for the late response! I’m new so they only let me reply so many times.

Got some DE and that Mosquito larva killer and applied it to my my bag of soil and all my plants. We shall see what happens in the next 24 hours? How long usually does it take to kill bugs?

I’ve been drying out the soil since yesterday so I think I may have over watered. Oops

Welcome to ILGM! Best pot growers on the planet.

:scream::scream::scream: hope it wasnt friendly fire… but when in doubt. DE bomb the basta… bugs :joy::shushing_face:

I thought I might have put a little too much DE down :joy:

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I usually coat the soil. The run around clapping my hands like lebron james. :joy::joy::joy:

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You can use de powder also 1/4 3% hydrogen peroxide for a few watering. And put playing sand on top of soil to keep bugs from getting in and getting out of your soil


Got rid of the bugs finally!
Put in an automated watering system!
Upgraded to a 2000w led!
Plants seem to be doing awesome!
Topped? 1 and 2 I believe that’s what it’s called. Topping? Did I do that too soon?
When can I start telling between males and females? Someone said 6 weeks in? That seems kinda late to me but I don’t know.

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You only see sexy when you flip them to 12/12.

And kinda hard to see where u topped but they seem healthy n fine

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