FFOF as ONLY nutrient


Iv heard it’s possible to get sweet dense sticky icky buds from only using nutrient rich soil from start to finish. Has anyone tried this? Particularly with FoxFarms ocean forest.


Well @Oldstoner pretty much just achieved that , he said he only used liquid nutrients late in flower but mainly with just the soil thru the vegging and into flower and maybe fed three times are so but he buds look great .


I haven’t found that to be the case, I’ve had plants go from between three and five weeks without supplemental nutrients in ffof, but at both points they begin to show deficiencies which needed to be corrected

In fact I’ve started using a 20% nutrient solution at third node for first time right now, will update if anything significant


I use ffof mixed with compost and worm casting and have only gotten 5 weeks before diffecientceis show up


@Hogmaster I read in another post you did this? Any pics of how it turned out?


@Thundernuts with FFOF it is possible but to get the best results you have to add some nutrients near the end of flower. It will be additives to help with crystallization and density. Most people add to this soil in general as its just lacking in some areas.


Pulled 3-1/2 oz off this one super skunk they’re nice



Pretty much no nutrients on mine until they started flowering then start at 1/4 dose and slowly build up to full dose they are okay for only getting just soil through veg. But I think mine would have not been as nice by far without the nutrients for flowering . I could really tell a difference in the jump they made when I added them . But this being my first grow I have nothing else to compare this with it might just have been a coincidence that I started feeding about the same time as they were ready to take off .


So about 3-4 weeks before suplimemts. I was just curious. I wanted to do as least as possible for my first grow and just try to learn as much as possible. So many nutrients to pick from it all seems overwhelming to noobies like me haha I’ll probably start with the FF trio to start with and go from there.


Still no nutes just foxfarm and distilled water from 5.8 to 6.5 pH



Wow dude! Those are beautiful. You must be running some nice lights?




Meizhi 3-300watt 1-600watt fairly cheap lights just a lot of them


That’s what I use just pH ur water and feed them moderately u shouldn’t have any problems make sure u use ur cal mag with almost every water do accordingly to the size of ur pots bigger root system more u can fertilize


What I mean I’d water aka feed u need at least cal mag