FF strawberry fields soil Help!?!?

Hey everyone. I have some really nice strains strawberry cough,strawberry cheesecake and, gum ball auto.
My question is this…I bought ff strawberry fields soil and plan on using it when my plants are ready to go into flower.

  1. Should I try and take as much soil off the roots when I pot up or just add the difference.
  2. When should I add nuits after the pot up? (I contacted ff and got a general reply…all our nuits are good to add)
    Just looking for a little help from someone who has experience with this soil type. I’ve never used such a hot soil

I’ve never used this soil, but I wouldn’t recommend removing the existing soil from the roots, unless you have ph issues, or pests and diseases or something.
It can be done, but it’ll cause undue stress to the plants.
As for nutes, I would just give them a week or two to acclimate to the soil and use up the available nutrients before thinking about adding more. The plants will tell you when they’re hungry.
If you’re worried about it being too hot, then you can mix it with other soils to dilute the mix.


Ok that’s what I was thinking. I dont know why I doubt myself everytime I get something new i feel like a newbie all over

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We all do at times. That’s what this forum is for.

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Fox farm soils as I understand things listed in order of “hotness” or how much nutrients are in them
Ocean forest …hottest
Happy frog …medium
Strawberry Fields…less hot
Warrior light…least hot…seedlings
Not sure about the coco loco where it would be in the list and there are others in their line up too
I could be mistaken with the order but that’s how I understand things

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