FF Nutrients In FFOF Soil

So im using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. I have the FF Trio Pack of Nutrients. Im on day 33 with my plant from seedling. When and how should I use these nutrients?

You’re going to want to water only until that soil gets below 1000 ppm then you start the nutrients at whatever week you’re in at that point.

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How exactly do I check ppm? I have a meter otw but not really sure how to use it or what ppms should be through out the different plant stages

That chart above shows the ppms fox farms recommends. To check ppm, you’ll water the soil until you have 10-20% runoff. Then you’ll stick the meter in the runoff and it’ll tell you the ppm you’re at. When you start nutrients, make sure to always water until 10-20% runoff. This will slow down salt buildups that will crash your PH. You’ll also want to follow the flush schedule on the chart (about every 4 weeks). You won’t need to start the flush schedule until 4 weeks after you start the nutes.


Ok thanks that helped a lot but ive heard a lot on fox farm nutrients saying that when used with fox farm soil that it often burns the plant. So should I use half the recommended amount or just follow this schedule directly?

Yup. When starting, use only a quarter to half strength. Make sure to get ppm readings before adding nutes. Maynot be necessary

You can start lighter and see how the plant responds. Just feed, then when she dries out, just water. You can monitor the ppms to see how much a plant is eating and then adjust your doses

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Ok thanks everyone for your help

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