FF nutes and which to addon?

I have 2 seedlings (AUTOS) that broke soil a week ago. I’ve used all FFOF soil and FF nutes with my other 2 that are mature, and still have plenty left, so why waste it? I am transplanting my 2 babies into their forever 5 gallon fabric pots probably in the next 2 weeks. They will be growing in FF Ocean Floor.

On hand, I have the liquid trio, as well as the powdered nutrients Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz and the Cha Ching. My mature girls are doing well, though I got the powdered nutes after I could use the Open Sesame.

Question… Which other FF nutrients can I incorporate to give them a little more umph???
Soil amendments? Additional liquid/powdered nutrients?
I want to stick with FF brand since that’s what I’ve started with. I have kelp, and calmag and molasses, also, but they aren’t FF.
My mature girls look great, but I’m sure there is a little more I could do with these to bulk them up somewhat. I’m still learning what they like and when and all that, but I honestly love doing all the different mixing and measuring. This will be more than a hobby.

Thanks in advance and sorry if I’m loading the forum with too many topics.

There is no need to go beyond these. It’s quite a bit already and stacking additional nutes may burn your plant.


I knew they were pretty loaded already. Was looking at their products and there really isn’t much else that would go in a basic outdoor grow lol. I want to start using different methods in the future, so I think I will just use up what I have. Thanks for the reply!

Be careful with the dry nutrients they are very aggressive. Half of the 1/4 they call for or less.
If you read more on what the additional nutrients are, and what they do, you can shop around for better/cheaper. If you choose to incorporate them.
Their bembe is watered down molasses for the most part. The microbe brew is banned in a lot of places, why? :face_with_monocle:
I have the entire line and mixing up to 8 nutrients and cal mag and loads of pH up, it just became overly time consuming and frustrating.
Also I’d pick up some organic lime just in case. The pH always dips.

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I’ve been using a pinch of baking soda to bring it up with feedings. My tap is 7.7 and after nutes it goes to about 5.0, maybe a little less. I use organic lemon juice to drop it for waterings. I was asking about the FF because I already have a good bit. But I keep seeing Jack’s pop up too, and how easy it is and well worth the money. So many decisions😫


The quality of FF soils has been all over the place. My last couple bags of happy frog had a ph of 4.7 and over 5000 ppm. Spent too much time trying correct. Flushed the soil/FF nutrients down to around 200ppm and I switched to jacks. LOL. I have been relatively problem free since. Now I’m not going through a gallon of pH up a month. Or having to constantly replaces the bottles.

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I saw a lot of the reviews on the FF liquids that people complained of holes drilled in the tops and their products watered down. Mine has them, but the seal was intact so it doesn’t really make sense. But the ease I’ve read with the Jacks seems nice. I like the mixing, but the inconsistent quality does raise eyebrows.

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The holes are there for venting as some nutrients balloon during storage. :+1: that’s why only some of them have holes. I have nutrients/additives from other lines that have literally exploded upon opening. I keep all the nutes in a dark room @65-70° too. Even when not using I make an effort to vent when I can.

I do like mixing as well, fun! Feels like you are more “apart” of the grow, if that makes sense. just the amount of hurdles I dealt with kind of was a turn off.

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Makes total sense. I wasn’t paranoid about it because they’re sealed and only a true moron would go thru all that effort. Mine stay in the dark at about room temperature.

And thanks, I’m as much of a part of it as I can be. It’s therapeutic and the only thing that hasn’t interested me about any of it is going hydroponic. That scares me honestly lol

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Yeah. Hydro is definitely not in my wheel house. Coco is the closest I’ll get to it. LOL. There’s a big debate as to which is better, true hydro or coco. As coco is basically hydroponics.

Happy growing!

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I use the entire FF line and I have had zero issues. You are correct that the 3 liquid and 3 powder is good enough.

The Dirty Dozen does so much more but its a time consuming project with each feeding.

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Kind of irrelevant. What really matters is PPM, which all growers should be measuring. If costs and pace of use of products are a concern, then go with Jacks.

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One of my girls is 4½ weeks flower. Last feed I got the PPM’S at exactly 1025. They took it well. That Beastie Bloomz made them look freaking sugary. I’m having nitrogen issues with one, though. Quit giving her calmag for a few weeks because she was going into toxicity.

I keep my PPMs around that level (I’m in soil.) I use Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, and Cha Ching too, but I still adhere to proper PPM levels. I usually feed Grow Big (the nitrogen product) until the last 3 weeks of flowering. Cha Ching has enough nitrogen in it to sustain the last few weeks.

I may try just a bit of the grow big in with the next feed. I can probably sub ¼ of it with ¼ of the Tiger Bloom. I think the problem I’m having with her is the fabric pot and the heat. I can soak her in the morning and if I don’t move here in and out of shady areas, it will be totally dry in the evening. It is 98°F today and the bag probably gets 110°. I wonder if that temperature at a few hours a day cooks off nutes??

It’s an outdoor plant? High light levels do demand higher nute levels. I’d have to understand both temp and humidity to comment on your temp concerns. It sounds like you are in a desert environment?

If outdoors, you always just have to deal with the environment you are given. People in hot, dry areas have to deal with your situation, and people in the Midwest and Southeast have to deal with mold.

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Yes, I’m outdoor. They are autos also. It stays right in the mid 90’s during the day and rh is pretty low. In the evenings the humidity goes up some. I’m along the gulf coast in the lone star state. The temps will be there for at least a week. The higher temps needing more nutes makes a lot of sense. She’s also 2 ft taller than my other one and her stalk is about 4x as wide.

Yikes. So you are dealing with both heat and humidity. I don’t know any growers growing outside in south Texas that could help.

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I am in South Texas but I’m a inside grower. Because you get caught with a plant, they weigh it all…branches, roots, stems, leaves and flowers. So 1 plant can get you 10+ years. Just 1.

Now mine…at least 20 years. Texas and their Draconian Laws.

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The humidity goes up, but there is a huuuuge concrete slab in my backyard that kind of lowers it in that general area. I’m by the water too so it stays breezy enough. I actually had to tie some branches yesterday because it stays breezy except at night.