FF Cha Ching Yes/No?

Anyone using FF Cha Ching at the end of flower? My girls just finished week 4 of flower and I’m considering trying it? I’m in organic living soil using 4-8-4 organic nutes.

When should you start using it? How much / frequency (I only ask because a lot of people reduce FF nutes by up to 50%)?


I use it. Along with entire liquid trio and all 3 bloom booster powders. (Open sesame, Beastie bloomz, Cha ching). I use the beastie bloomz 2 wks longer then there feeding schedule calls for. I dont like how high the nitro is in the cha ching, ive read it caused peoples plants to start throwing nanners if too much. In my case last grow 1 of the 4 did throw nanners but it was late in the game and did not worry about it, got lucky with no seeds. Btw… beastie blooms has zero nitro thats y i use that a little longer then the sch. Basically i se it for only the last feeding, just my way of doing it. Oh ya…still only at 1/2 strength so a 1/8th tsp per gallon…it is strong stuff.

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I use fox farm nutes and don’t pay any attention to their schedule period. I mean I use to but I have far more succes mixing at my own ratios


Thanks for the info. It’s 9-50-10 so I think I’m going to try it at 25% strength and see what happens

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I agree totally. In beginning of flower they call for alot of grow big and open sesame. The open sesame is also heavy with nitro. I like only enough notro to keep the plant/leaves the right color


I use 1 tsp of grow big and 1 tsp of cal mag 1 tsp of big bloom and 1 tsp of tiger bloom with no issues or deficiencies or build ups.


Had a few that it did not bother myself. I do the same but with 1 1/2 tsp big bloom. But some needed less nitro. Can only get my ppfd avg to 800 or i could get some more in there. There all different


I use it. I use all three - Open Sesame, Beastie and Cha Ching. I think they’re a good product and will help you get dense big buds. I use it at full strength with no problems.

Thing is they’re salt based and not organic. If you’re in living soil whoever’s living in there won’t be for long.

I’ve done this myself where I start off organic and then start wackin them with P K shooters during flower. I often run my outdoor autos that way and I m happy with the results. Just remember that you don’t wanna be feeding organic ferts once you start in with the P K boosters, you wanna switch it up to a salt based general flowering fert to feed for the rest of the grow - your micro herd will be fried from the salt so nobody home to break those organic ferts down for your plants use.

Also keep in mind if you’re planning to reuse the soil elsewhere that it’ll be full of salts and you’ll wanna flush that hard before doing anything else with it


Great info, didn’t think about the salts. Thanks!

Just be careful with that. I would not use it at full strength especially if running more ferts or all the dirty dozen. I tried at 3/4 and got some burn, not bad but was there. There big bloom is organic and can be run with the pk boosters.

I’ve used the trio as well on a DWC for a few grows they work very well and also did grows with out and the flower will taste better in my opinion cha ching is a YES

I use Cha Ching as well. According to the FF feeding chart you should start using it on the 5th week of flowering. :+1:

I’m not an Organic Grower so no clue how your plant/plants will handle it. I use only FF stuff.