Few general questions about my girls

Hello all. I am about to move my girls into my greenhouse whenever the weather straightens up. Want to top them but not sure when to. Dont want to shock them with a topping and then moving. Most have 6 plus nodes now. Hope to move in the next 2 weeks. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Pruning the apical meristem isn’t that traumatic an event. But I wouldn’t do it as I put the plants into flower. You can also move them into the greenhouse for a few hours more every day to acclimate them to the new environment. And you can also use supplemental lighting to stay above 14 hours of daylight, or whatever light cycle you want.

That’s exciting. How big is your greenhouse?


If you have the height I wouldn’t top them. Growing outside is different then growing inside and outside the plants benefit from their natural Christmas tree shape. It opens the bud sites to the sun moving across the sky.


Hey thanks brother. Greenhouse is 10ft x 16ft. I built it myself a few years ago. There is no electricity to it so I have to run fans with batteries. I put a few in the ground and put a few in containers. Just still getting things figured out and which way is best for my set up. Love gaining knowledge.

I think I have a few I want to try out. I have a couple Bruce Banner that I would like to stress train. Love trying new techniques!

Here is a couple in the greenhouse last year.


Nice space

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Thank you.

Very nice plants, love the greenhouse.

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Thanks a bunch.

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Nice work. We want to build one. Maybe when a 2x4 doesn’t cost a days pay

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Lol. We were lucky enough to have left over material from our garage. Had to buy the clear panels and windows.

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Oh wow! I think my heart skipped a beat there. :astonished: Such a happy, upbeat vibe from that.

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Thank you. It is my happy place!:grin: