Few concerns about grow

A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve read up on many of the guides and I agree that white widow fem might be a great choice for me, however I have a few concerns. My first is that I live in northern Ohio, don’t get me wrong, our summers are hot but based on reviews the white widow does take some more time then estimated and I can’t imagine what that would be like outdoors because it took them longer and that was under 24/7 light. Unfortunately the only operation I can do is guerrilla style. Also, what should I do to keep animals such as rabbits and deer off my plants? Also what if I can’t water for say 4 days? Is this threatening to my whole op?

One way to keep all animals is to place “moth Balls” around your grow this will keep them away - an old timers outside grow trick - This really does work !!! cheap and easy

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If you pee on the ground around your outdoor setup, it will keep the deer away. And if you really want to keep them away, plant some Salvia around your weed plants. Deer HATE salvia! I plant salvia around my veggie garden to keep them away and I’ve never had a problem. My problem was always ground hogs! Only way I figured out to keep them away was to kill them. I heard to crack an egg in their hole, cover the hole, and the ground hog should leave. That didn’t work. So I just got my crossbow out and did some target practice. The ground hog was eating half of every zucchini I had growing. I don’t kill animals because they annoy me, I only do it when they are harming my well being. This ground hog was eating too much, and being greedy.

With bunnies, the only thing I can recommend would be that you have a place close to your grow, but not too close, where you can set up a little corn feeder. If those bunnies have corn, they won’t go for your weed. It will also attract the deer as well. I modified a dog water feeder and now it’s filled with corn and outside. I get at least 10 bunnies there every single night. I’m a hunter so I also have trail cameras out that capture any movement.

Hope some of this helps!