Few care questions

Hello so I did one grow before. very small used a cheap "40"watt(7 actual watts dog poo) amazon light that was useless. Without my 140w floodlight I would have got close to no yield. Since then I have purchased a Mars Hydro TS-1000 been working good and I have 2 plants currently. I have two questions. First I am seeing Rusty brown spots on the first true leaves.(Starting to see it on others too.) I think this is a CalMag issue and I will be purchasing some. If you guys think it is anything else please feel free to let me know. Second My roots have what looks like root rot. But I can tell as I had a bit of a root rot problem last grow that it isn’t root rot. The roots have a brownish black substance on them. It smells normal. I can touch the Brown and it comes off easily onto my fingers. 0 smell not slimy. I am using DWC Hydroponics and Advanced Nutrients PPM is 800 RN but my tap comes out at close to 200 . I let it sit with airstone for 24 hours before use. I will include pictures. I am also using Advanced nutrients Ancient Earth. It is BLACK and maybe that is what is causing the brownblack on my roots. Great white Mycorrhizae might also be the issue with the roots. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Also both were planted at same time and the one on the right is doing much better I have no clue why. Also seems to be having more Nute problems.

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Using cal mag ? Looking good - not bad for hydro

Not using cal mag yet . Advanced nutrients has both calcium and magnesium but I guess not enough. Do you agree it looks like a calmag deficiency

It’s the common issue bro with hydro, yeah I agree and barely showing


Alright when I get payed tomorrow I will order on Amazon. I topped up in nutrients since they were put into the buckets almost 2 weeks ago and I haven’t done a water change. I need to get another 5gal bucket so I can have the water sit out for long enough. Hopefully me adding more nutes will help for until I get the calmag. I have seen that Budcandy is a calmag nutrient. Should I buy that or just buy the General Hydroponics calmag.

Go with your line of nutes @Bighead500 not all nutes lines are compatible

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What is your ph in the pail and also what is the water temp ?
5.8 ph is sweet spot and under 70f is best
I would say your roots do look like ancient earth lol . When I first started I used a nutrient that also made roots brown and look bad , I stopped using it just to see clean healthy roots.
Some nutrients are not designed for dwc and have weird effects to the root zone so it may be best to research your product a bit and see if any reviews speak of bad results in a hydro setup.
The best root zone addative I have used so far to clean and promote healthy roots is sensizyme. It eats up garbage on roots and makes them healthy. This grow I tried hydroguard but stopped because it whacks my ph so bad. Was making it drift very bad.

To make tap water usable faster you can fill extra pail and put in an airstone. 30min for 5 gal pail and chlorine is dissipated ( this is what I always did when I used tap water ) others may have different ideas that work as well or they may take more time, depends on the tap water I would guess.

For that size plant I would be at 250ppm so with tap at 200 you could do 450ppm, and gradually raise it weekly. I feel your ppm is way to high.


Thanks for the advice ph is undetermined at the moment Advanced nutrients claims PH perfect. I bought a pen. It came faulty and I wasted a buffer solution for it to say err and not work so I’m waiting for the replacement

And as to my ppm I’m using the feeding chart on Advanced Nutrients website. Just with 1ml per gallon of each nutrient I was at 450 it says week 2-3 2ml per gallon. I’m close to week 3 I think Tuesday I didn’t document the days well but I do know when my seeds arrive and I germinated that day. And I’m guessing about 5 days before any true leave showed. So I think I started the 4th and by that I just mean it wasn’t a half stem sticking out with a seed stuck to it. An actual seeding from both seeds. The Blueberry on the right that is bigger popped really quick and picked up fast. The gelat .O.G smaller plant with the rusty spots took longer and is lagging behind in comparison.

Spots are getting worse fast might be oh related I have a slightly messed up ph pen it’s calibrated at 7ph but I already used the 6.86 ph solution for the broken pen so I decided to try and fix this one. I’m getting 6.3-6.4 but with account for the .2 off and ±.3 I’m not far off. Think I might see a little nutrient burn on the small plant adding water tonight hope that helps balance the difference size.

Just so you can see size difference and density.


The blueberry has significantly more of the inside branches(if you know proper term please enlighten me) compared to the gelatog and is just over all way bigger.

I meant ml/liter not gallon.

I haven’t ever used ph perfect but I’m sure some members here use it. I wish I could help.
Some have great luck with it and some dont.

It looks like a deficiency starting to me. Probably calcium, can try calmag. Hopefully someone will come along that has experience with the ph perfect nutes.
Might want to check under all leaves for bugs , not to be alarmed but to just check all possibilities.

Also the size difference isn’t a problem. Genetics make the plants all grow different.
Aside from the spots on the one leaf I dont see any issues other than the nasty root color from the earth nutrient.

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I’m working on buying the bud-candy from AN says it’s calmag so hopefully that helps.

I think this is what I want.

So I topped my blueberry tonight. It was 6 nodes about to be 7 so I decided it was time. I guess I should be a little more sober because I accidentally cut a whole leaf off oops. She will be fine just a little sad the leaf didn’t get to it’s potential lol. Also redid my most likely last LST I got tons of great growth in the past few days.