FERTILIZING young pants

I’ve got a variety of Autos that I have outdoors, some in pots and some in the ground, but all of them in FoxFarm Happy Frog soil. After a few weeks they are only a couple inches tall. I’ve read that it may not be a good idea to fertilize them this young, but that they need nitrogen at this young stage.
Just wondering who feeds their young plants, and WHAT do you feed them?

With fox farms you should be good for 5-6 weeks after that I usually use down to earth dry amendments444 and 484 (takes 2 weeks to break down so do it ahead of time)

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Amended soils are all going to have some level of nutrients in them. Most would not require you to feed for at least a few weeks, some claim to provide nutrients for entire length of grow. If you were to use something with very little to no nutrients, then you would need to feed pretty much from the beginning.

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How many set of leaves the plants have on them ? Timing is everything outside indoors the cuktivatod controls the atmosphere and environment so it’s a more precise control grow , outside you must be alert , on schedule and on time are you will miss your harvest window 🪟. Plus those in the ground you won’t have a sure way of correcting issues by not being able to check runoff , must have sure skills in that case , in pots you can make alterations and changes , but you still have a sun clock !

Ok cuz i dont grow outside yet. Will the sun cause the plant to use up more nutrients in the soil being out s ide and how the sun blasts on it so much compared to a light. Will sun deplete the nutes faster or is it work the same w a y as inside. This im gonna statt learning cuz i might jave a nice crop to do outside by my aunts just need a good strain that will finish here in michigan before the cold azz weather hits and fuins them

@Mark0427 the more light the more they will grow and feed yes ? But if it’s done right, the best premium smoke you can grow is under the sunlight ? Makes its hard to grow inside again?