Fertilizing just one bud of the plant

Hi im wanting to know how or if a female flowering plant can have male pollen introduced to just some or one flower of the plant to create seeds but having the rest of the plants flowers seedless.
I have kept a male plant isolated in the hope i can actually do this.
Can anyone enlighten me on this.



I would isolate the female plant. Take a clear plastic bag, like a fish store bag. With the bag inside out gloving your hand, collect some male pollen at the bottom of the bag. Turn the bag right side out. Seal it up like a ballon. Take the female plant, and loosely cover the selected bud with a ziplock to protect it from moisture. Spray the rest of the plant with pH 7 water (lightly. This is just a precaution. To ensure seed skip this step). Remove the ziplock, and cover the single dry bud/branch with the pollen bag. Cinch the bag tight with. Bread bag tie. Jostle the ballooned bag a little to get the pollen moving. Wait 4 hours. Remove the bag and rinse the whole plant with pH 7 water. Be thorough, but don’t worry too much because a few extra seeds won’t kill you and realistically, you’re going to release some rogue pollen.

Another method is to mix the male pollen with some rice flour and apply it directly to selected pistils with a fine brush (like a model making brush). Again, do this with an isolated female plant, and rinse her down afterwards. You can keep extra pollen for later with that rice flour mixture in an airtight jar.

As long as you wet the pollen, it should become inert. I’d also be careful about placing a wet female under intense light, which can cause lensing and burn your plant.

Lastly, cannabis pollen is extremely small (25microns I believe) and light. I don’t think you can be overly cautious about isolating and cleaning if you want to prevent it from seeding an entire crop. Do not handle a male plant and go near your females in the same clothes or with dirty hands.

Hope that helps.


Thank you very helpful cheers.

Any difference top or bottom of the plant to select the bud. Maybe the bottom so none rains down at the rinse stage.

Thanks again for the heads up.

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You seems to have the concept, and based on the shape of your plant you should decide what’s best.

Hi there blackmoon from nz.
Just a update. I have my plants all un early stage of flowering.
I have done what you suggested re pollenating just one bud of a plant in the plastic clip lock.
See what happens keep you posted.
Gotta wait bit longer for the plants i grew from seed as they just starting to develop there flowers.
Exciting times

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