Fertilizer issues

I have been trying to find a way to order gaia all purpose and flower booster fertilizer but cant get it shipped to the states. Does anyone know of a way to get it or a good alternative?

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Had the same issue, I’m using a happy frog fertilizer and they have different ones with different npk ratios so just choose which one suits you best. Good luck and happy growing growmie!

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I used Happy Frog potting soil for 1st time and you can go quite awhile with no nutes because the soil is so good. I was told keep check on ppm and when it starts going way down it’s time to give the girls some nutes.


My bad I should have asked how far along his plants are and what kind of soil hes using. I’m already in like a month and a half of my grow using the happy frog soil and just gave them a top dressing of the happy frog 6-4-5 fertilizer. Babys are happy😁

That’s ok just wanted to say how much I love HAPPY Frog soil :laughing:

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What specifically are you looking for? Wouldn’t be difficult to find a dry nutrient that has similar npk ratio. But you may want to get total nutrient profile and make sure micros are similar

Gaia isn’t that great. In fact, the whole line lacks the punch most growers are looking for.