Fertilizer in flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

I wanna know this fretlizer 12+12+36 is good for using it in Flowering stage or not. What’s your opinion about using it in that stage?

In the flowering stage, this is not a great choice for nutrition. 12/12/36 has too much nitrogen in it, the first number. The phosphorous (12) and potassium (36) are great for flowering but the nitrogen should be a little lower number. That being said, if it is all you have (or in my case, can afford) it will work. Ideally, the NPK (Nitrogen/Phosphorous/Potassium) of flowering food should be low N/ Low P/ medium K.

NPK LATE in flowering, last two weeks, should be mostly K with little of anything else. The K will make the buds tighten up and get produce THC! (0/0/10) or near those numbers.

Highly recommend downloading Robert’s e-book on growing MJ, available on his web site.

God luck with your grow
Jerry “TxGrowman”