Fertilizer help dry amendments

Does anyone know if this would be a good to feed my fox farm soil they are in need of a feed soon i see alot off people use the 4-4-4 kind but fox farm dosen’t make that mix

5-5-5 will be fine for veg I’d switch as you switch lights to something with less N and more PK

Thanks @Sirsmokesalot the girls are on their 3rd week of veg was looking in to purchase some kind of food but in dry amendments form

I use the dr earth line but looks like basically same thing. Should have good results just remember takes longer to break down so always have to feed a week ahead and stop a little earlier than you normally would👍 Good luck

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@Sirsmokesalot how do you feed u just use dr earth or do you feed with anything else

Hey @Jon051410 if you want to go organic in living soil I would highly recommend this book True Living Organics, authors name is the Rev
He breaks things down real well.

You can top-dress dry amendments or work them in when transplanting. Hard to maintain good control IMO and prefer liquid nutes with a PH and TDS meter to manage the nutrient load.

If you are looking for a good dry nutrient line; Grow More is a good one, Black Magic makes a fertilizer for cannabis and there are others. I would stay away from Miracle Gro and amendments like that; not so much because of the type of fertilizers used but because it’s not PH buffered for cannabis and you’ll be chasing PH issues forever, otherwise.

I do dr earth top dressing every 4 weeks or so. I switch from flowering dry I think it’s 3-7-4. In veg I add bat guano and worm castings. In flower I add a liquid dr earth bloom booster week 2 and 7. Oyster shell every 3 weeks until week 6 of flower. Then azos And recharge in veg and a few weeks into flower (azos I cut back sooner)

@Sirsmokesalot is this the bag im trying to find the fox farm locally and not have anyluck dr earth ive seen

The shop down the street has this brand but nothing else the dr earth is 20min away

@Sirsmokesalot do i want nitrogen bat guano or phosphate

Sorry to bother but this is what im think about getting

Happy to help - I think that’s the same thing (dr earth) but it is in dif packaging - this is what I use

I use bat guano for nitrogen - this would be in veg you could use it as a phosphorous boost but it would be once you switch to 12/12. I don’t use bat guano for this but rather fish bone meal and then langbeinite for potassium

What do you mean azos?