Fertilizer for veg and flower

There are so many choices…any suggestions for fertilizer for both flower and veg stages. I have 3 autos and 3 photo clones.

Growing in soil, coco, or DWC? What type if it is soil?

How old are your current plants, and do you intend to transplant them any more?

Each of these questions will yield a bit different of an answer to your question. In general, and in a quality soil made for growing MJ, you won’t need to feed until at least 4 weeks following your last transplant.

Tell us a little more and we’ll help you out.

Thanks so much.

My autos are about a month old. My photo clones are 3 months old, however they were barely alive for the first month.

I am transplanting my clones in a few days to 10 gallon pots. The seedlings are in 10 gallons too.

I understand when to fertilize, its just that there are so many choices of fertilizer to buy, it is over whelming.

The Fox Farm trio (Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom) is a brand that many people use, and it has about everything you need. I use these too.

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I’ve been using Canna with a high PK for my bloom and high N for veg with no problems. I’ve also used tomorite tomato feed. I see a lot of folks on here use Fox Farms which says a lot. Hope this helps :sunglasses:

If you are using tap water I’d go with FF. If using R/O look at GH.

What soil, what instruments are you using to monitor PH and TDS?

May I ask why the differing recommendations for tap vs. RO? I ask because I am using FF paired with distilled.

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They are PH buffered for the different types of water. You can use it just fine but in general they drop in to the correct range and hold it better without help.

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Yeah, I hear that. My FF mix pH’s distilled all of the way down to 5.4 and I have to adjust it back up to ~6.6 to 6.7 when I feed.