Fertilizer for marijuana close to harvest


A question from a fellow grower:

my plants are close to harvest (i guess two week from now ) , can i use foliage fertilizer?
and generally which one is better? foliage or root fertilizer?


Root fertilizer is more important most of the time. I almost never foliar feed so close to harvest or in bloom/flowering as you don’t wan’t to get any on your buds. Foliar feeding can supplement root feeding but it should not be used as a substitute to root feeding. Foliar feeding can be used to maximize your plants growth and is more useful in the vegetative growth stage but it is much more useful as an emergency tool to use to counter nutrient deficiency when lock out of specific nutrients is happening at the roots because of things like PH imbalance in the soil or over watering, then you can bypass the roots and get the required nutrients directly to the plant through its leaves until the roots recover.


I love the stance McG took…

I wouldn’t even think about spraying nutrients on my Nuds this close to harvest. Maybe, there is a prodcut that would be beneficial, but, Not for me


Thanks dear Wood and McG, I appreciate it…


Foliage feeding is not as practical as root feeding. It is done basically as a short term way to add nutrients. For example, I will spray the leaves with chelated Iron to fix iron deficiencies. A fast way to turn the leaves back to that beautiful green. I used this practice more when I was growing nursery plants. For consumable crops I do almost all of the feeding via the roots. Think of foliage feeding as adding a skin cream, and root feeding as an IV.



Love it. In accordance with what Scooter posted. About the only time I foliar spray is in my Greenhouse, when I see some blossom end rot; I spray them with chelated calcium. Good stuff :smiley: