Fertilizer Chicken shit

I am a new grower I’ve had chickens in my yard for seven years I was just wondering if the soil is contaminated or good for the plants

It is some of the best fertilizer for cannabis plants


I agree with @Majiktoker :+1: :ok_hand: :v:. It also should be compost or dehydrate before using it :wink::innocent:

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They’ve been gone for two years the ground should be dry by now

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Should be good to use than my friend

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First i would like to welcome you to ILGM

Chicken manure is one of the best fertilizer you can use. and i know this to be fact. I was raised on a veggtable farm and i cleaned out many a chicken house for the farm.
But using it for marijuana would have to be low key because it very high in nitrgen and you could burn the root system and or the whole plant.



I agree with @garrigan62, pure chicken manure dehydrate has a NPK of 5-3-2 and should be use with half strength during first week of vegetative stage and qvoid during seedling and sprouting. And for the one you have sitting on top soil for two years at the mercy of Mother Nature, just try to make a tea with it (1 teaspoon for 1 gallon of water and if the measure in ppm of the TDS meter is bellow 400 and more than 150, your good :+1:).

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Thank you, the 4’x12’ chicken run has been my dump sight for my grass clippings they loved it so I would rototill twice a year, like I said I’m new at this how can I test to see if it’s safe to use, not one for trial and error you guys are a big help

Thank you for your advice I appreciate it

@mwillemain, my pleasure if you have any more questions fire away ill be happy to answer :slight_smile:

One good way to test it is with a TDS meter like this one


They are less or more expensive one, that’s just an idea of what you will need to test ppm (part per million) and it will give you an idea of the strength of your mix soil/chicken manure rototill. Diluted 1 teaspoon of dirt in 1 gallon of water. Pass the mix trought a coffee filter and collect the water into a mug and test it with the TDS meter. A range between 150 and 400 reading (it’s gone a be in ppm, and that’s what you’re looking for) is gone a be ok.

Hoping that’s helping you @mwillemain

~Al :v: :innocent:

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First you need:


You will have to be very careful when you add the manure and bat guano. myself i would leave one of them out. and use the Jamaican Bat Guano ( Flower )

Mexican Bat Guano (10-2-1). This type of guano is very high nitrogen. This makes it perfect for the vegetative stages of growth. Even when the plant is young it can be fed a dilute mixture if the soil happens to contain very little nutrients. This type of guano can be used throughout the vegetative stage of growth.

Peruvian Seabird Guano (10-10-2) This type of guano is NOT bat guano. It comes from Peruvian seabirds and is very “hot”, meaning it will burn plants very easily if prepared incorrectly or over applied. Not good for flowering due to high nitrogen content.

Jamaican Bat Guano (1-10-0.2) This type of bat guano is high in phosphorus. It is perfect for the early-mid flowering cycle once females are well established.

Indonesian Bat Guano (0.5-12-0.2) This type of guano is the ultimate low-nitrogen, high-phosphorus bat guano. It is perfectly suited for the end of the flowering cycle before the final flush. This drops nitrogen levels low to cut growth and signal the autumn harvest as well as provide a huge resource of phosphorus to bulk up buds and add to trichome count.

As you can see, ideally you use Jamaican for early to mid flowering and Indonesian for late flowering. This is the best answer I can come up with. Hope it helps. Good luck on your grow.
Hope this gives you a little better idea


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Follow the soil recipe from @garrigan62 and you’re in “business” (french canadian expression that mean every thing is gone a be ok) @mwillemain

~Al :innocent::v:

@Niala im familiar with this very familiar, if you ever visit northern California it smells like chicken poo lol and almost every grower in northern California uses it due to having chicken farms and being a great fertilizer producing some really nice vibrant green plants that are extremely healthy

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@Majiktoker, the only time I have go to USA it was for a hockey tournament in EastHampton in the neighbourhood of Boston, it’s a dream to go to the West Coast and going to California state one day :wink: :innocent:

I come from a long lineage of farmer, in fact, I was partialy raise in a farm, each summer I went to my uncle’s farm when I was a young, and he had a free run hen house, a pigsty and a harvest field. Nothing was wasted and I learn what’s about the hard work in farming :wink:

Indeed manure are very good fertilizers and when carefuly mix with soil, and for what it’s about here, cannabis growing with the soil recipe from Will, I am sure it’s gone a do miraculstly well, espacelly taking in fact that the chicken manure is already mix with soil and it’s 2 years old :wink::innocent:

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Thats awesome @Niala if you make it this way give me a shout out and lets try to stay off topic…that was cool to read though :slight_smile: and I certainly agree

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It’s a deal, one day I am going to pass by :wink::innocent::v:

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Can anyone please tell me why my plant that has been flowering for three weeks is not Turning into bud

Can you please tell me why my plant that has been flowering for three weeks is not Turning into bud

No need to post your question twice lol we will all answer no matter who it is to, do you have any white hairs starting?