Fertilizer at the flowering phase

Friends, I need your help. I would appreciate if any of you can help me and share your experiences with me :pray:
Friends, I’m send a few photos of my flowers. I gave the first fertilizer of the flowering period 10 days ago that was 10,50,10. I gave them 55 gr per plant.
When do I give again the fertilizer and this time I give 12 12 36, or 10,52,10, and please tell me how many grams to give to each plant?

9 first pictures are 10 days ago and 6 next images are yesterday.

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@Mazoo what is the line of nutrients your using and did you get a feeding schedule?
In flower you should be feeding around 1600 ppm
Girls are looking nice


I put germinated seeds in the cup on 19th April.

The first fertilizer on 11th May : 20 20 with a half dose.(Seedling)

The second fertilizer on 26th May : 20 20 with a normal dose.(Seedling)

Transfer of seedlings to the ground on 28th May.

The first fertilizer on ground : Urea on 1th June.(Growing phase)

The second fertilizer: Urea on 7th July.(Growing phase)

The third fertilizer on 7th July : 20 20 (Growing phase)

The first fertilizer at the beginning of the flowering phase on 8th August: 10 50 10
as I said before I gave them 55 gr per plant from this fertilizer.

Meanwhile, all npk fertilizers have been powdered.

Dear friends please tell me that when do I give again the fertilizer and this time do I give 12 12 36, or again 10,52,10, and please tell me how many grams to give to each plant?


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And all friends(Users and admins) please answer my previous question, I have to give nutrients in the next two days, ultimately. And I do not have much time to wait. At least, please guide me one of you.

I really would be grateful if you quide me. :pray:


First thing is what is the name of your nutrients ?
2nd didn’t your nutrients come with a chart or instructions on the bottle on how and when to apply ?


Agreed @garrigan62

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@garrigan62 @Hogmaster
Thank you for your prompt reply.
I explained completely in the previous message. If it is necessary I will explain again. I have access to npk fertilizers at here (powder and liquid, more powder).
There is no explanation for cannabis on them.
The first question: do I give 10 52 10 at this stage again or now I have to give 12 12 36?
The second question, how many grams do I give to each plant? Of course the seller said 5 grams dissolved in every 1.5 liters of water. But she did not know I wanted to be for cannabis. He thought I would for tomatoe. Please look at the messages and previous photos that I posted.

Can you post a picture of what you are using

Brand name?

Okay, I’ll send a photo. But In general, at this stage should I give 12 12 36 or something else? Because dear garrigan said 10 52 10 is better. Do I have to give 10 52 10 or should I give in this phase 12 12 36?? Of course, I think 12 12 36 is special for flowering but I want to make sure because dear garrigan said 10 52 10 is better.

I bought the TRIGKAS brand but there are other brands like the third and fourth pictures (ULTRASOL) and other brands.


I am glad to answer you but, I got this in an email. If you could copy me
the question I would be glad to help. lw

Thank you for your reply.
How do I put my question? Email or Topic?

My dear friends, I’m still wait to your reply. As I said before, I do not have time and I want to give fertilizer with irrigation this time that it will be tomorrow. So please reply as soon as possible.
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Follow mfg direction
Since i have never used the product i will not tell you to do anything but that
You want a lower n and higher pk in flower
Suggest you follow the advice @garrigan62 gave you
Follow the vegetable direction on package

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This is a commercial NPK water soluble fertilizer. I cannot read any of the numbers because, I am legally blind.

What is the N-P-K- ratio mark on the package, and I did make out that this has MgSo4 which is Epsom salts “magnesium sulphate”

I think this is a classic case of “over- love/thinking/anxiety”.
Your plants look healthy.
You are on track for a bumper harvest.
Well done.

Sorry Boy. My last post was ment for @Mazoo

1 Question: Do I use at flowering phase

2 Question: Can I use Amino Acid in flowering?

3 Question : Can I fertilize until how many weeks of flowering? How many weeks is the last week that I can give nutrients?

4 Question: I have three strains: The northern lights and super lemon haze and super silver haze and my holes are about one meter in one meter. They receive almost every three four days, 50 to 60 liters of water per plant. Now that the last few weeks of flowering, Should I give them water every few days?

Yes you are right. I am a very sensitive person and I love plants. Accept apologize for asking questions and excessive sensitivity @jackowhee