Fertilizer applications

In regards to the grow fertilizers stages 1 - 4. my question is in the application. I’m an outdoor grow and I see that the formulas are mixed w/ water but can I sprinkle 3/4 tsp on the soil surrounding the plant and get the same results? thanks

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What fertilizer are you using?

What type of fertilizer? Don’t sprinkle something like 13-13-13 on top of the soil around your plants stalk. It’s too concentrated, it must be raked into the ground. Be careful you can burn ur plants if u use too much. If u mix it with water for sure don’t pour the nutes straight on the soil they must be mixed with water.

Fox Farms has a few products that do well with top dressing. You just work it into the top 2 or 3 inches of soil and it leeches down to the roots.

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Berman’s Stages 1 - 4 fertilizers i.e. Growtime fertilizer 19-5-20 & flowertime fertilizer 16-6-30

I have ‘Future Harvest’ Easy Grow 5-4-7 & Easy Bloom 3-6-6