Fertilizer amount for each plant

Hi, I am new to using the Flower Power nuts. and have a question. When I use these on my outdoor autoflower plants how much do I use?? Example, my plants are starting to flower, if I mix up say a gallon of the flowering fertilizer how much of the gallon do I use on each plant?? The whole gallon, half, what? Also it has been very hot here like 100*-105* how do you suggest I tighten up my buds because they are looking loose. They are all autoflowers, white widow, bubble gum, purple haze, pineapple express, ect…

depends on what your roots are in: DWC, soil media, perlite, rocks?

Hi, My plants are in 10 gallon pots with Fox Farm ocean floor.

ALWAYS start low…go slow…and you won’t burn the precious Ladies

you can always add a little more

OK, that’s all good and I can mix it lite but do I give them a half gallon of the mix or a gallon or more? That’s what I was woundering. I can always adjust how strong it is…also they are outside with a strong sun in the triangle.

Sniper since the container is 10- gallons…1/2 gallon should be a safe start.
Good way to check is scoop down about 4" and if moist is good. If you have easy access to your plants, you could pour 1/2 gallon, then if more needed do 1 quart at a time and after 20 mins do the check. Pour in different sections away from the main stalk to encourage wider roots.

Would it be safe to assume the 10 gallon container has lots of drain holes? If you get water run off, it’s a good thing. If not, probably could water more.

Of course, if they are in full sun…watering twice a day early morning and in the cool afternoon would be a good idea.

The Ladies will droop when needing water. You can actually watch the leaves perk up within 5 minutes. The whole plant will stand up straighter n taller.

also…how tall n wide are your 10 gallon containers?

@tanlover442 when you water, make sure you are at the right ph. And always water to run off. Since you’re in 10 gallon pots it’s probably gonna take 3-4 gallon. I grow in coco in 7 gallons and about mid flower it’s so full of roots it takes about 2.5 gallon before I get run off. On feed days, I’ll water 2 gallons of plain ph water then 2 gallons of nutrient water that way I’m not using so many nutes

The ladies are in 10 gallon cloth bags and have very good drainage. The water is well water that is 6 to 6.25 PH and are doing really good. This is he first grow I have used these nut’s. and wanted to be sure that I didn’t burn them up. All my ladies are in flower now so it won’t be long now. Southern Oregon is a great place to grow. I’ll try this and try to post some photos. First time trying autos and thanks for your help. Last 40(+) years have grown huge regular plants…

I think they are getting close

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Sniper…Whatever you are doing is pretty good. Your many years of regular photo grows is helpful experience. With the 10 gallon cloth bags and high temps, you could give the girls lots of water…and a little bloom. You probably give the girls each a gallon every other day without any problems. But, then you know when they are getting a workable level of water…without nutes. They do need to bulk and bloom for a while longer. Really think you are going to be a happy camper soon. Please keep us updated.
I wish I had asked the size and drainage questions…at first. My bad.

No worries, this photo is my autoflower bubble gum. It has nice heavy colas but look open not a tight bud. I’m hoping in the next week or so they tighten up. They are on week 10 tomorrow. Like I said this is my first venture into the autoflower world and I have 12 of these all diffrent from white widow, purple kush, blackberry, pineapple express, northern lites, big bud ect. all autos. I started them all at the same time but this one took off and I have added NO nutes to this one it just seems to be a very happy girl. Thanks for all the help it’s alot easier these days with being able to bounce ideas off people. In the old days you said nothing to anyone period.again thanks to all that helped…

Sniper…I fully agree. In the “Good Ole Days” couldn’t tell or ask anyone! Had to read Rosenthal’s book hope for the best with only tomato fertilizers and fish emulsion. AND…wow, the choices available now are awesome. Especially the Auto’s. Then it was pretty much just tall sativa seeds that came with the Mexican bricks. Yuk! Still hate that too compressed, moldy smell and 40% of the weight was just seeds n stems.
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Morning, Please read the NEW problem I have going on with my autos…

Could be ph has changed because of nutes. How old are they and did you give full strength nutes