Fertilization and Watering Schedule - Help Needed

Hello everyone:

I bought a kit from this site. It included 10 White Widow seeds. I planted the seeds in peat pots with Happy Frog potting soil. Of the 5 I planted, 3 came up. I made up a weak solution of Robert’s seedling fertilizer and watered the seedlings. My question is, do I continue watering with the fert solution or switch to plain water? According to a chart I found on this site, it says for the first two weeks to feed the seedlings fert. Is that in addition to water, or in place of water? Thanks in advance. I only planted 5 seeds b/c I want to be sure I know what I’m doing before starting a larger batch. I also have limited indoor space with good lighting, though.


The happy frog soil has enough nutrients for the first 4 or 5 weeks of grow. Just use ph’d water. Im not a pro so maybe the more experienced people will agree.


a79 is right. happy frog will feed the plants for about 4-5 weeks. Sowing seed direct into is not the greatest way. and the soil is hot already and seeds don’t like to start in to hot of soil.


I agree. Happy frog soil is amended with essential nutrients, will usually keep plants healthy for a few weeks on its own.


I just received my ilgm fertilizers for my 5 plants. 5 Gal fab pots. frog soil. I don’t even know if I posting in right spot, but do you fertilizer every week? I am so scared I am not doing things right. I guess the plants r looking ok, but short and full, not tall but only 45 days. this is my first ever grow at 65 yrs. I will figure how to post a pic.

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What should I have used? I followed Robert’s bible. Was that a mistake?


Fox farms soils come with organic nutrients in enough to feed a plant for 4to 6 weeks sometimes longer if had used a different soil or medium you mite have needed nutrients from the start your 45 days in now so it should be time to start nutes if you have a pM pen you can check run off

Brand new Fox Farm soil is good for 4 to 6 weeks before you need to worry about adding nutrients.

You just need to pH your water and after you hit the 4 week mark above soil, start watching the plant closely to see when to add nutrients with water.

And welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1:

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Hey beachglass, welcome to the community first of all, second of all nice job on your first grow, way better then mine yrs ago. And yes fox farm soil is perfect for your first 4-5 weeks. What nutes are you using? I have a trick that might fatting up your plants. Recharge 1tsp, and 1tbsp of grow and 1 gallon of water, that should your plant to bush out. What works for me feed once a week, with using recharge, or any root stimulator, molasses, kelp, Saturday, is recharge, molasses, next feed is flipped recharge, molasses, grow, or fish and seaweed. Hope that helps you out.

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What do you mean PH your water? I have a PH meter I can test soil with and one I can test water with. If I test my water and the PH is too high what do I do? What do I do if PH is to low in the water?

Its called pH up and pH down. So if your water is 7.5 pH, you use pH down to lower it down.

pH up is used say your water is 5.0 pH…you need to raise it or lock outs happen for both situations.

pH water means say if in soil you want the water to be 6.5 pH going in. Its really simple to do. :+1::+1::+1:

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Jewell72089, since I have a well system my water out of the faucet is 7.38-7.47, so I ph down, orange bottle for my dwc bubbler buckets, as I come to know the ph should be 5.7-6.0, anything higher then that, burns the plant, as I’ve lost :angry: 2 plants, fried 1 to death, turned the little girl, a copper color. So I don’t mind fails, on new grows, it was a given since I jumped in to something new, a living experience. Hopefully this will help you. It’s for Dwc, but it is still a reference guide for great growing chart. Just FYI! I mostly grow in soil, and kicker is I never ph my water, haven’t for many years, and the grows have been awesome every harvest. Good luck on your grow.

Awesome thank you to you both. Didn’t know that I had to monitor thr PH in the water. First time growing and this explains ALOT. My plants have just started to pop put if the ground after putting them in water to Crack open and get their “tails”. They are about an inch tall right now and evey time I test the pots they are in the PH is all over the place sometimes 8, sometimes 7, 6.5 it’s just all over and now I know why. Different PH levels before and after watering…so I have 1 more question. I’m using tap water (city) if I test the PH and I need to put PH up or down in the water how long will that water stay at that PH level? For example if I use a 1 gallon watering can and the PH is too high and I add PH down to the water, then put some of that water into my sprist bottle to water my plants how long will that water stay at that PH level? A day? A week? Etc…

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What exactly are you using to measure PH? This is a big deal too because a lot of methods are not very precise. Also; if the water you use is very soft (under, say, 150 ppm) then you don’t really need to PH when watering as the water will adopt the native PH of the soil. If you add anything to your water like cal mag or nutes then you do have to PH to range. In Happy Frog that range is 6.3 to 6.8 PH.

Also; digital PH meters require calibration periodically: the better the meter the less frequently you have to do that.


I don’t do long term storage so in reality the pH should not change if its just water and pH Down. Now with nutrients in said water you do want to check the pH before watering.

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Very true, ty was going to mention that as well, my black and yellow ph meter I found out if was by .47, so I got a back up plan! This is is fail safe I think. Hope this helps you. Good luck

That’s just what my seedlings look like. Is it time to transfer to larger pot? TIA

Hi OldSkool, Thank u for the info. I am using the flowering fertilizer 1 x week. 1 tsp per gal. I don’t have recharge. if u look at pics I posted today, my plants are getting wider instead of taller now. and 1 of them is so much smaller. I did kind of put a fencing material for leaves to pop through. it is all I had.

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