Fertiliser hasn’t made it through customs

I just got a letter from the “department of agriculture” saying that unless I provide a permit showing where Im authorised to import it within 14 days, the products will be destroyed… What do I do now?

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Well…it sounds like you do whatever they say and get said permit or your SOL. Welcome to 'Merica!

Yeah, If you ordered from ILGM I would send CS a pic of the letter. They will send another batch. I ordered seeds from the UK and dept of AG confiscated them.

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What fertilizer?

@Drinkslinger I bought the beginner pack with seeds and all the fertilisers.

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Ah, yes, the seeds are the problem. Please contact ilgm customer service. They have always done right by me.

The seeds came through fine about 2 weeks ago. Just the fertilisers have been kept

That’s a new one. Have you contacted ilgm?

Seeds ship from inside US, so no worries. Nutes come from outside, so problem. Contact ILGM customer service, they will get a package out to you right away.

Sooo if I just ignore this, they’ll just destroy it right? I mean, I don’t have a permit of any sort, and there’s no way for me to get one haha!

Nothing they can do to you. As far as they can prove you didn’t order anything

Plenty of good nutes for sale in Australia! :+1::kangaroo:

Ignore the letter, send an image of the letter to ILGM customer service and they will send more.

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I’d be forever grateful for any suggestion! I don’t like the chances of it making it through again.

Been using the product below, no complaints at all, i get them in the 4 ltr containers now.


Oh sweet, thanks @Hungrybud, I’ve done a quick search and found a local supplied!!!

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Does it come with the truck?