Fergus 1st, 2nd and 3rd grow

This is my concern. Ill start giving them 16/8 and see if they hold in vege. Thanks guys.


Bit of a juggle around. Can keep a better eye on the girls flowering. Upped lighting period to 16 so hopefully keep these photos in vege. Did a light defol on Skunk auto and PP this morning. Thanks for watching.


I find it really amazing (I’m really new to this) how different all the strains of plants are to each other! Skunk and panther look nothing like the others! :purple_heart:
All looks fantastic mate :heart_eyes:

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So Skunk and PP are at the end of flowering and they are 2nd grow. Everything else is about 5-6 weeks into vege. So 2 different grows but same tent if that makes sense @BStarr

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It’s a beautiful rose for a beautiful reason. Let’s have a bouquet

Looks like we share a couple of hobbies roses and weed


Your family is looking fantastic. Nice assortment. I haven’t been on for a bit just catching up.


Great to have you back. Beautiful roses :ok_hand:

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It sure does make sense! Thanks :purple_heart:

Very nice brother :ok_hand::sunglasses::v:

I have had plants flower on 14/10, would not use anything less than 16/8 to stay in veg.


That’s a beautiful bud you have there? Nicely done :clap:

What a great group photo beautiful tidy plants well labeled great variety.
Well done great job.

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Wicked awesome nice fantastic

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This picture of your bud so nice and frosty looks like a big spider @Fergus.
Hope your keeping well

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Pink Panther and Original Skunk will get water only for a week or two and see how much amber we get.


Thanks for the compliments appreciate your encouragement. This Pink Panther was a seed from 1st grow so really pleased its doing well as the smoke is better than the others Ive grown so far.

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This is Candyland and was a mission to get started along with CBD Peach Puree. Blurb days it might be purple Im not sure if it will but its certainty different shades to the others.
Supposed to be some premo medication, time will tell.
@Oldguy @dbrn32 @BStarr @CoyoteCody @Bulldognuts @Arrow @anon49170411 @SheilaT @PurpNGold74 @Covertgrower


CBD Peach Puree. Was the most pathetic seedling I’ve ever seen but I didn’t toss it because only had 2 more seeds. Im thinking its going to go well now.
Thanks for everybody’s help and support. I felt awkward talking about weed for medication before finding this place. Now I can educate others and feel good about it. Blessings team.


I’m feeling you there @Fergus! It’s not something I really like to discuss, I don’t want to be judged. Whereas here it’s just accepted and normal :purple_heart:


Water only for thrse 2. Was hoping to chop the Skunk Friday but will wait and see what Trics look like.
The PP is 1- 2 weeks behind but has caught up with a quicker flowering than expected. The skunk will be 7 weeks into flower or 9 weeks from flip.
Thoughts? @CoyoteCody @Oldguy @Covertgrower @AAA @Myfriendis410 @Cannabian @Bulldognuts @Arrow @repins12 @SheilaT

Pink Panther